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Test5 Opacity of PaperTheoryConcept Papers vary in many different aspects such as weight density composition and in this specific test opacitya property of paper that allows it to obstruct the showthoroughness of contents from one side to the oppositeIt results from light being absorbed and diffused as it passes from air to fiber and back to air Wilson 1998 To determine just how opaque a paper is the 5 paper types that are tested are examined through a reflectance colorimeter on ten areas of the sheet Reflectance values can range from 100 fully opaque like board to as close to 0 transparent like glassine meaning that the higher the value the lower chance of showthrough and viceversa NCSU ndDefinitions In Regards to TestOpacityThe property of paper that obstructs its light transmission and prevents the showthrough of printing Wilson 1998 Reflectance colorimeterAn instrument that measures a papers reflectance percentage ReflectanceThe proportion of light that is reflected back from a surface the difference having been absorbed or transmitted by the surface expressed in percentage LRC nd ShowthroughVisibility of printing on the reverse side of the paper Wilson 1998Expected Outcomes and Educational GainsBy looking at the offwhite colour of newsprint and feeling its distinctive texture one can hypothesize that it will have a slightly lower reflectance percentage compared to the other papers This is because newsprint does not look fully opaque allowing light to easiler penetrate through its surface Also the coated papers that will be tested should have a higher opacity than the others because coatings are known to improve paper whiteness pickwater resistance and paper opacity DejidasDestree 2005 The Opacity of Paper test shows that different papers will have a variation of reflectance values showing that paper is not uniform throughout This knowledge is the educational gain Importance of testAside from visual considerations paper also has to meet the technical requirements of the printing process for it to be reproduced in a way that meets a customers expectations The opacity of paper is one of the requirements Paper must have sufficient opacity to avoid showthrough and must meet the physical and environmental demands of future operations such as folding and binding Wilson 1998 Practical Applications
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