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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GRA 420
Heinz Belzer

GRA 420 Final Exam Review Mechanical Binding Methods of securing multiple sheets or signatures - Fold - Saddle-stitch - Perfect bind - Staple - Ring binders - Cerlox bind - Plastic coil - Wire-o - Binding posts - Velo bind Ring binders (Loose leaf) 1. Vinyl  Edges are sealed  Can have different capacities of rings 2. Polyurethane  Very strong polyurethane allows flexibility 3. Case bound (turn edge) 4. Sewn Case bound  Edges of the material is sewn with nylon or leather GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 1 Binder construction 1. Archival 2. Heavy Duty  Sturdy  Store for a period of time  Provide security to content 3. Magazines and periodicals  Open spine binders  To collect monthly or weekly series  Thin substrates 4. Catalogue  Retail stores, listing of manufactured products  To look for particular items A) Elliptical rings – particularly for perfect bound magazines B) Trapezoid rings Tabs: sections within a binder. Can be reinforced with nylon. Three Ring Binders Advantages Disadvantages Content can be changed easily Suspect to hear Standard size binder are readily available Spine margins need to be wider to accommodate the hole punching Plastic sleeves on front and spine allow Cannot stack many on top of each other customization by placing printed sheet in them Come in different configurations for certain Holes can easily tear if binder is used requirements such as D ring binders to extensively. Vinyl will crack after time if accept larger volume, archival for more sheet lifters are not used. permanent storage Come in different constructions such as vinyl polyurethane, case bound and sewn case bound Can be screen printed, foil stamped, etc GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 2 Cerlox (Comb) Binding  Binds various sizes of equipment  Punches in the bottom of sheets  Takes the comb and strips them apart, then pushes it into the punched sheets Celox Binders Advantages Disadvantages Equipment and supplies are inexpensive Can tear easily Content can be changed easily Short shelf life Spines of combs can be printed Appearance Different colors of combs Combs come in different capacities up to 2” Die cut covers can show titles from title page Coil Binding  Continuous coil fed through punched holes  Coil Puncher: Top and bottom sealed to prevent it becoming undone Plastic Coil Advantages Disadvantages Layflat, opens up flat Crimped ends can come undone Could be redone but extensive manual work Expensive compared to more automated would be required processes such as saddle-stitching Looks if cover is used (covered wire Spine not strong for standing upright concept) Wire-o Binding  Same concept as spiral bound, except wire can be opened and closed with tools  Have to make sure the content put in is permanent  Covered Wire-o binding: for decoration and protection Others  Binding Post (Chicago Screw): Comes in different lengths and extensions to extend capacity GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 3  Velo Binding: Nylon prongs spiked through sheets, then heated and fused onto the sheets  Paper Band Binding Project Identifications Why (Purpose) Who What or How Where Inform Households Print, newspaper Whom with Promote Businesses TV/ radio (Suppliers or Instruct Special Interest groups Public service vendors) Solicit Specific Age group magazines Entertain Interest groups for specifiAnnouncements When locations Flyers, brochures (Timing) Telemarketing Budget Billboard Multimedia POP Profile Books (Importance of Internet Project) GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mo4 Book Closures Beginning – Single Straps  Earliest (4 century A.D., Egypt): Strap wrapping around a Coptic binding and tucked into itself  Other early formats: Loops or straps with metal edged holes fitting over pins Multiple straps, clasps and catches th th  13 and 14 century the use of more than one strap emerges  14 century hole and pin method being replaced by metal clasps and catches on thethore edgeth  15 and 16 century metal clasps styles typically follow national traditions and can indicate country of origin. The location of the clasp was an accurate indication of the country of the origin - English and French: had clasp attached to the upper cover with the catch on the lower - Netherlands and Germany: the catch on the upper cover - Italy: clasp attached to the upper covers and often used up to four clasps Ties that bind  16 century metal clasps was used less frequently  pasteboard covers replace  Ties were used instead of clasps  Brass and silver clasps, corner pieces and centerpieces continue to be used for special books such as Bibles, diaries and photograph albums GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 5 Timeline 16 Century Italy Ties were hole punched through vellum and pasted down under endpaper Collection of motets for cantus – The renaissance choral religious music arrangements th 16 Century Germany Monastic binding with chain at top - Blind-stamped pigskin over beveled oak boards, with two engraved brass clasps, brass brads remaining from eight metal corners. Iron pivot-ring with chain of eleven elongated links attached by iron bracket to back cover. - The chain is to secure the book to the desk so it will not be removed - Cardboard is ask strong as wood th 17 Century China Short strap with a bone finish - A trimmed down relative of an early Coptic closure, which included a strap coming out of the front cover, winding around several times and tucking in itself with a small piece of bone to finish the strap - Classic Chinese Literature, commentaries and illustrations 17 Century Netherlands Metal clasp and hinges - Metal catch attaches to the upper cover (common practice in Germany, Netherlands and Italy) - Latin grammar book th 19 Century Mexico Three Leather ties - Leather ties with vellum binding 19 Century U.S.A. Turn-of-the-century decorative metal clasps and hinges - Title: the altar book: containing the order for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist according to the use of the American church 20 Century London Pin and hole closure - The poems and sonnets of Shakespeare with an introduction by Edward Dowden GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 6 - Edition printed on Arnold and Foster’s unbleached hand-made paper. - Title-page, initial letters and other decorations designed by W.B. Macdougall 20 Century U.S.A. Aluminum box closure - Accordion book with metal covers, closed in metal edges forming box - Flatland: a romance of many dimensions by Edwin Abbott Abbott Many more interesting closures at Woodson Research Center The Rothschild miscellany: A fine full-colour modern facsimile edition of a 15 century northern Italian Hebrew manuscripts which consists of 27 literary units illuminated at the workshops of Bonifacio Bembo and Cristoforo De predis GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 7 Fulfillment of print and print related products  Services provided by companies  Started as an extension of bindery  Provides additional services to retain customers by adding value to it Services: 1. Handwork  Collating: making up sets of various components  Gluing  Mounting: gluing, laminated sheet to a stiffer surface  Folding and rolling: some complex folded products have to be hand folded  Hand insertions  CD insertions  Product refurbishing and reworking  Drilling: + putting thread or strings through products like bookmarks  Cutting 2. Management and Warehousing  Receiving inventory: some companies receive goods from other suppliers  Verify counts: shortage on supplies  Conduct quality control inspection: make sure items received are up to standards  Warehousing of products  Processing orders Reporting can be both standard and customized reports of sticking levels and movement analysis, allowing the customer to make accurate purchasing and stocking level decisions. 3. Pick/Pack/Ship  In addition to batch shipments a fulfillment company can also maintain customer specific inventory and ship on an as-needed basis for ongoing fulfillment  Can provide standard and premium pick/pack/ship services  A packer: a person who packaged the goods  Internal SKU – Stock Keeping Number  Pick to light: integrated system based on barcode scan and picks items identified by light indicator on the item tray GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 8 4. Kit-Packing and Assembly  Simple kit-packing or complex multi-version projects  Build and ship all types of customized kits that can include pieces such as: - P.O.P. Displays - Premium items - Books - Benefit Packages - Direct Marketing kits 5. Packaging Services  Includes: i. Shrink-wrapping ii. Jiffy-bagging iii. Polly-bagging  Labeling including bar-coding  Price stickers  Corrugated book wrapping 6. E-Commerce  Web-based fulfillment solutions including secure online ordering sites, or receiving and downloading orders from a client’s existing website  Online orders can automatically receive order confirmations and shipment status emails complete with tracking information 7. Data Storage and Analysis  Fulfillment companies can also provide data services for ongoing fulfillment clients, overseen by statisticians.  Database management and storage, summary and analysis Outsourcing to a fulfillment house or company Advantages Disadvantages Facilities – Distribution of warehouse expense Indirect control Shipping costs – Bulk shipping rates Product damage or shrinkage Shipping material costs – Volume buying E-commerce – Integrate into clients ordering system – Enable integration into their respective couriers system GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 9 Direct Mail Presentation (Guest Speaker: Mr. Bassett) Bassett Direct  Established 1994  Direct Marketing / 1:1 specialists  Customers: - Air Miles - RBC, TD - Manulife Financial - MacLaren MRM - Agency 59 - World Vision  What they do: - Print Management - Data Programming - Forms Composition - Variable Printing/ Black MICR/ Colour – 90% of total jobs - Bindery/ Die cutting – Fold, stitch, trim, etc. - Letter shop - Complete multi channel project management – Integrated company  Culture: - Win-Win Partnership with customers – Customer care company - Innovation - Exceptional Customer Care - Commitment to Excellence - Mutual Trust and Respect Typical Workflow 1. Initiate Project 2. Touch Points – Print, Email, Mobile, Other: SMS, Facebook, etc. 3. Data Segmentation 4. Composition (GMC) 5. Production 6. Delivery GRA420 Final Exam Review by Ashley Mok 10 Direct Mail/ 1:1 Marketing  Strategy, creative development, design, copy writing, finished file preparation  Print productions: conventional lithography, digital printing, web, sheetfed, inkjet  Data manipulation and programming  Composition and formatting  Imaging - Black (Simplex/ Duplex) - Inkjet - Colour Variable  Finishing/ Bindery/ Die cutting - Trim - Fold - Stitch - Perforate - Score - Shrink wrap - Poly bag  Letter shop - Insertion - Sorting - Sealing  Relevance is critical - Junk mail – little or NO relevance to recipient - 1:1 mail – Targeted/ customized/ Personal - Example: Air Miles, Sobey’s Why Direct Mail is Important?  65% consumers have made a purchase as the result of a direct mail piece  Consumers appreciate Direct Mail’s tangibility, flexibility, creativity and once-a- day pace  Direct Mail will remain a key component in Multi Channel Marketing  Print will be a carrier for digital technology - Mobile, social media, QR codes, Apps like Layar GRA420 Final Exam R
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