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Graphic Communications
GRA 420
Scott Millward

GRA420 LECTURE NOTESCOMMERCIAL CASE BINDINGBOOK BLOCK Collating gathering folded signatures Creating book block w collating machineEach signature sits on ski one station one signatureFed by lots of people feeding machineSignature drops on raceway converyor belt stacking on top Blocks created but not attached then get delivered to back of machineCan be modular standalone part of larger binding lineDesigned for perfect bindingCould have tipping machineCollating Gathering Part Block FeederEnd of line stack of signatures fed thru again to stack on more signatures if not enough pockets ie 20 pockets equipped but need 30 for 30 signatures1 side guide 1 paddle for 2 pt registration on raceway1 person fills 23 pockets need large team to run machineloading feeder from pallets done manuallygathering machines can be equipped w 40 feedersFeeder Principles in Gathering Machines Each feeder is fed from bottom takes bottom signature from pocket At this point we have book block not attached togetherFeeder w Pincer Grippers Feeder w Gripper Drummore flexible but mechanically complexa cylinder and continuously grabsdont need to stop to put paper inraceway has 3pt registration continuously feed pocket by placing more on toplittle finger supports bind edge little pincer grips one paper at a time pulls down to raceway
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