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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GRA 420
Scott Millward

PERFECT BINDING Part IAdhesive binding w glueMost dominate for books magazinesMost soft cover books an text booksTHE PERFECT BIND STRUCTURESpine cover material attached usually at spineOpen book does not lay flatSignatures gathered folded and ground off folded spine so that glue can get into more areaSoft cover material but can have hard coverInexpensive because faster process less than a minute to make bookThick spines 18 to 4 more than 4too big for machineoMust know spine thicknessoNever take thickness of one papermultiplyoMeasure actual thickness of printed paperPrinting on spinesADHESIVESPropertiesNeeds to be strong yet flexible spine glue vs sideStrongbrittle cracksFlexiblenot strong enoughSets quickly under one minSpine gluehold sheet and able to bend Side gluedoesnt need to be flexibleCold GluesPolyvinyl Acetate Dispersions PVACoCheapno harsh chemicalsoLower endnot as strongo50 solids content dispersion 1015 softenerDries in airHotMelt GluesDries as it coolsEthyl Vinyl Acetate EVAoWe use in binding laboVery strongfairly flexibleoReheats can let it cooldry solidoNo need to washupless cleanupo50 polymer 30 sticky resins 20 softenersPolyurethane Reactive PURoReact to humidity in air to dry hardens with moistureoFast physical setting process 35 minoGlue pot must be closedoCant be reheated when coolsoFinal strength reached after 3 fdsafysoStronger more flexible than EVAoNeed to vento80 set by end of machine Layflat BindingOtabind patented idea need licenseLayflat WebcomTake paper of fabric to case in glue Attach case to side of capSpine free to bendEasier to use and readWrapAround Coversnot perfect boundnongrind booksSmythe sewn glue on spinesidesGlue padded not that strong rip off paper note padsSystem ConsiderationsHigh capacityHybrid systemsIntegrationAutomationfeederscollatorsinsertersoft cover feeder attached18000 bookstakes JDF file and sets itself up reads book barcode size spine width etcWebcom has huge automated binding lineCheap 50000 compare to shortrun 150000 PERFECT BINDING Part IIBasicsSignatures gathered no lipSpine headfoot registeredSpine is milledground offnotched and roughed for more adhesionSpine glued side is gluedCover is fedCover nipped onto book blockBook deliveredMACHINE TYPESTable Top Perfect BinderCheapest slowest entry levelShortrun machineOne back at a time simple side2side motion
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