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8 Feb 2013

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World War 1 Crossword
July 28, 1914 November 11 1918
Background Causes:
Alliance System
Europe divided into two. One member is in conflict, so are the rest of the allies.
Triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia.
Triple Alliance: Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
Britain had the largest navy in the world, and Germany challenged this. Arms
Economic Rivalry
Countries competed for materials, resources & markets for their booming
industries, usually by conquering other territories.
People in Europe were very nationalistic and thought their way of life was
superior to all others, so much they were willing to go to war to prove it.
The policy of acquiring colonies and building an empire. It is a desire for territory
between countries.
Battle of Ypres, Belgium
February 1915 May 1915
Chlorine gas
Battle of Somme
July November 1916
Designed as the “big push” that would destroy German lines.
Known as Das Blutbad (the bloodbath)
Too many casualties, approx 620 000 Allied deaths and 666 000 German deaths.
Battle of Vimy Ridge
April 1917
Very well-thought and planned by Canadians, preparation of digging trenches
into no-man’s land.
Demonstrated strategy and intelligence of Canadians
All 4 Canadian corps fought together for the first time.
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