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The Great Power Instillation 1914
The most powerful nation in Europe- Great Britain 1914, the navy which supports its
empire, ruled over by parliamentary monarchy, quarter of the world’s population live there. They
are strong financially, 1st in industrialized component of the country,
Beginning of 20th century, rise of new nations, AntiGerman poster depicting Germany’s
alleged unquenchable ambitions, increasingly worried about competition in modern goods,
electrical things vs. Germany and US. Same anxieties about new comers for Great Britain, the
maintenance of status are Great Britains problem.
France- True Republic, all men 21 and older have to vote. Governments doesn’t last very
long, Sworn Enemy- Germany because they gained land, which is supposed to be Frances land,
Alsace and Lorraine 1871. They become big lender of loans- Russia to France
Russia- backward, 19th century. Governed by beurocacy, it allows the Russian to create
the biggest navy because of their population, 4th largest industrial in Europe, country of extreme
backwardness that is being propelled in modern age. Heavily tax, working conditions is awful,
and mortality rate. Peasants, who are rebelling in countryside for lowering their tax payments,
return of crops because they work too hard. Russias sworn enemy- Austria Hungary ruled by
France Joseph, vital thing about, the queen essential month multiethnic empire, they feel that
they should not be ruled over with a German Royal Empire anymore, embracing nationalism,
radical nationalist- they want to break away from Germans. Austria is military weak thats why
they can’t attack. The Germans might backup Austria Hungary people
Germany became a nation in 1871. Parliament but Kaiser Wilhelm ignores it. Kaiser
ruled Germany, he has gigantic ambition for Germanys navy. German was challenged by Britain
because of power. The Kaiser was convinced that Europe is trying to contain their country.
Long-term forces- imperialism- Gobble up territories all states of Europe and US. Why
are they doing this? The balance of power is Europe is blocked. Men’s colonial rivalry-
stimulates the building of new army. The growth of massive army means the war is going to
come but when it comes its going to have massive destructions
Britain, France, Russia joined together. Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy joined
1908- Austria Hungary takes over Bosnia and one more country. Serbia being to embrace
nationalism. Austria Hungary is furious with Serbia. Russia is bind with Serbia so Austria
Hungary is hesitating to act.
The actual Assassination- Symbol of the Black Hand. June of 1914, the Arch duke,
France Ferdinand is going to Sarajevo with his wife Sophie. He is liberal and formed minded. He
is too tempting to target. The tragedy of assassination is when Franz Ferdinand visits Sarajevo
He married Sophia, a Hungarian. He’s the inspector General of the army. The couple visited
Sarajevo and Franz Ferdinand acted as a military inspector. 5th assassin threw the hand made
bomb and the car in which the Arch Duke advisor was hurt.
Gavrilo Princip- heard the bomb threw. Jumps on the running board of the car. Princip
killed Sophia, bang! Bang!
Austria Hungary reaction- furious with Serbia
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