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Quiz 1 Prep Guide

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HIS 105
Art Blake

HIS 105 Quiz 1, preparation questions. Time allowed for the actual test will be 15 minutes. This means you need to study these questions and practice answering them so that you can tackle them quickly in class. ------------------------ 1. What type of people formed most of the audience in the first venues for early movies – the “nickelodeons”? (pick one): (a) Educated upper class people (b) Working class and poorer people (c) Businessmen. 2. Paying attention to the question of class is important in the study of popular culture because it (pick one): (a) Helps us get to the larger questions of power (b) Helps us divide up producers and consumers (c) Makes us feel smarter than other people. 3. Matthew Arnold’s book Culture and Anarchy (1869) is significant in the history of the study of culture because he argued that (pick one): (a) Working class people should create their own culture (b) Too much culture would lead to political anarchy (c) Educating the working class about how to value “culture” would create better citizens. 4. What is an “oppositional or counter hegemonic” interpretation of a cultural text? 5. Name 2 points made by Horkheimer and Adorno in their theory of popular culture (
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