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Ryerson University
HIS 590

HST 500 SEPTEMBER 16TH 2010 Pearl Habour Hitler ally of Japan, Japan attacks the U.S and then U.S goes to war in the second world war. Even though U.S is isolationists. Russians Prev - 1945 - Russia biggest country, stretches 10 timezones, very multi cultural, multi- religion. - The russians are about the same isolationist as the japanese before Napoleon. - Changes after Napoleon invades Russia. - Russia becomes allies with Prussians and the british against the french - After 1915 Russia becomes a european super power - Russians occupied Paris - Russian troops used as anti-monarchy wars - 1850s Britain sort of a democracy as well as France and they start to separate themselves from Russia. - Russia then becomes a threat, concerned about Russia on the Black Sea - British go to war with russia is Crimean war. - First industrialized war - Russians are defeated and loose right to pass through the dartinol straits - Russians have now fallen behind others at this point. - 60 million population, 50 million out of the population are peasant slaves. - 83% population is in poverty - people in charge are the artistroccy - there is a middle class rising up, small but well educated but treated as peasants. - Middle class send sons and daughters to other countries, and inspires a revolution. - paradox of rising expectations (when government realizes something is wrong, it just brings it down even more) - Russia frees slaves, and gives middle class power and they kill issar - His grandson witnesses the murder - a secret police opens, camps open, hanging people. - birth of secret service - Hissar is weak, not very smart, government is corrupt - crazyness starts when japanese go to war with russia - Japanese destroy Chinese eet, and start moving into Russia as well. - War over port author, Japan destroys Russian eet and sinks it. - Russians want to go to war but dont have access to dartinols - They wait till arctic unfreezes so they get to Japanese, have to go around Africa as well (very long journey many die along the way) - Then the Japanese sink that eet as well. - Japanese take over Korea in 1905 till 1945 - 1905 revolution in Russia, everyone participates in it. - Hissar allows parliament sort of as soon as war is over however, Hissar unleashes troops and stops revolution.
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