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HIS 590
Peter Wronski

North communist koreans invade the south and pass the 38 parallel Us establish amg govt in the south Sigman reia loved by the us who hold south while russia hold north after kicking out japanFeb 1946us sanction reias as govt Un want elections in korea Reis refuses to partipate in the elections which the communist agree to participate in Us freeze the elections fearing the communist coming to power In the soviet zone they transfer power and supply the communist with weapons to kim il song Us say vote should be held to unite koreaback ill song who rejected the un Reis win the vote and locks up the left and ill song establishes north korea and arrests right Both korea agree to unify but dont know under which govt Russia and the us are leaving north korea has small population more minerals and industrialised South has more population and arable landsUs is desperately tryong to leave korea knowing if north and south goes to war reias will drag the us into it Us does not supply south korea with weapons where north korea russia left heavy weapons Both dictators are badgering their sponsors who dont want anything to do with it Now mao gains power it changes things Kim song goes to mao due to stalin rejecting him which will make mao a world revolutionary Stalin sends help to the north korea and enlists chinas help but says if us gets involved russia will leave and china will have to help Reias keeps sending raids to the northIn june 1950 north korea invade the south Seoul is captured Us responds fast us calls security council meeting who call on condemnation of north korea russians dont vote because they are boycotting the meeting due to taiwan having veto power but not peking china Truman send gen macarthur in japan to go to korea Mike pearson says dont go unilateral on korea to truman go to security council to ask for permission than they will get the canadians and oher nations truman goes unilateral than goes to the un good for truman due to not going through congress for permission for war because it was a un policing action not war Soviets are still boycottingOne theory of boycott the un need votes from all permanent members russia thought they were good Us say treat boycott as non blocking abstention Another theory is Stalin hopes chinese and american will bleed each other For the us korean war was about containment for canada it was about collective security Macarthur is a monster becomes governor of japan becomes a shogun type Drives north koreans out of the south and says lets continue to china and help ka cheng in taiwan Big question is where is the chinese army Mao is bickering with stalin Mao wants russian jets to attack Stalin will not release their fighters pass the 38 for fear that if shot down a russian pilot will be foundUnder macarthur constitution property system and monetary system is reformed in japan Macarthur is pushing past the 38 parallel is ignoring truman calls to slow down because he is hesitant because us want troops home by dec and its oct and is pushing the koreans to yao lu river Mao is warning macarthur not to go into chinaIn nov 25 1950 300 000 chinese troops enter north korea after stalin eggs mao saying hes a weakling and breaking his promise to north korea China retakes seoul Dec 15 truman goes on the radio and declares a state of national emergency something that has never happened given immense power in everything from production etc Macarthur calling on for use of nuclear power The other nations in un task force is saying wtf why were we near china The other nations reject use of nuclear war Truman is having problem with un he didnt declare war war is overbudgeted and goes to congress who reject macarthur asks congress to give him the nukes Truman goes to the philipines to reign in macarthur who is fired which lowers nuclear war rhetoric Chinese wants out due to cost russia gives china licence to the mig fighter July 1951 talks between un and chinanorth korea talks for two years while clashes occurEisenhower is in power now a republican blames democrats of softening on communismEisenhower ready to use nukes Month after stalin dies Issue of chinese pow which china drops Signs armistancewar is never ended Both sides go back to 38 parallel Reis runs away when south koran uni students riot in 1960 South korea teethers between facist oppressive to democratic Ill kong is in power dies and is replaced by his son Eisenhower defines cold war from 19531961 A pro soldier a jehova witness in ww2was command of all different armies in the ally expedition force a political general Becomes governor of germany Chief of staff comes first supreme commander nato Converts to baptism adds words under god in pledge of alliegence and motto in god we trust Secretary of state john foster dollis another monster Foster dollis was attorney for sullivan cromwell Law firm pits together most wealthy corporations in the us Panama canal is vital to us navy Us approached colombia to lease the land they said no Roosevelt send crowell to negotiate he brings money and establishes the panama liberation front who declare independence in the north and promise us protection if colombia attack Establishes friendship between britain and us as britian sanctions us action in panama as long as they can get access to the canal Parallel to dollis is german herman schmitz chairmain of ig farbin Head of metalshaft in germany which owns a us company us metal Knows if us enters ww1 us metal will seize it so transfers power to dummy company in switzerland Now owned by swiss opens gate to globalization nothing like this happens before Us still seizes the company and sells it to americans John dollis is member of us war trade board reverses decision and says the money goes back to the swiss After war the us recinds and sells it Dollis and shmit who is arguing money should have gone to the swiss meet at versailles Shmit sues the us and hires dollis who is almost disbared for falsing documents saying the company was always swiss
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