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HST 111
Maria Piccioni

Maximilien Robespierre Use of the Reign of Terror Established Him as France‟s Revolutions Hero Wednesday, November 24, 2010 Magdalena Sokoloski 2 From within the midst of France‟s Revolution emerged the most important revolutionary. Maximilien Robespierre began his appearance and commencement of power during the revolution. His enforcement of the Reign of Terror was not a tyrant‟s shield from losing his power, but instead was to install order to aid and strengthen the revolution. Robespierre was the most vital component to further the revolution for he was a determined leader who practiced law and established himself as a passionate figurehead. His vigorous belief in equality, virtue, democracy, and liberty gave him recognition as exactly what France needed, and his „to the bone‟ motivation installing law and order to remove corruption was his basis for justice. In Maximilien Robespierre‟s family, there was the practice of law, and similarly to his father and grandfather he had a well-established law practice in Arras. From his practicing and advancing interest in law, his devotion for the betterment of humanity grew. He once said to his sister Charlotte, “My life‟s task will be to aid those who suffer and to pursue with vengeful words those who, without pity for humanity, enjoy the suffering of others” From then on he adjusted his goals to protect the State, where he felt its defense the most vital. To best fulfill this he continued and become an Episcopal Judge in 1782. These titles provided strong proof of his passion and Robespierre “earned a reputation as a protector of the poor and downtrodden, a reputation which he carefully cultivated” . His position as such a strong figurehead displayed his ability to be a persuasive leader. For France, this was exactly what was needed to continue the revolution, Robespierre quickly climbed the ladder of importance within the Estates- General and by 1789 he was elected as one of Artois‟ delegates. He did this by uniting his brilliant oratory skills with political maneuvering and appealing to the public‟s opinions in times of need. Yet, in the end, he did not complete much in this position and was neglected by the Assembly. With his ignited need to lead the revolution and France‟s people he continued to be of great importance in the Jacobin Club. He felt it necessary to represent this group for they believed it more important to continue the revolution by any means necessary, with force and terror. The people within the Jacobin Club also felt his tactics of speech and action to be exactly what they needed. With his rising prominence in France‟s system of power he also gained the people‟s trust to believe and support him 3 since he, “provided for them a sense of stability, a rallying-point, as it were, in a chaotic, confused time”. So, on July 27 , 1793, Robespierre made it to the position as the chief of the Committee of Public Safety. He was the exact authority needed to help demolish and fight the wars France had with most of Europe, installing stability for the people, for 4 he believed in France being anti-royalist, unlike the enemies of his Republican army. Robespierre‟s Reign of Terror was solely to install order, for without order there would be no laws, or love for the country. Where love of one‟s country was also the love of equality, which allows liberty and the ability for a democracy. “We must smother the internal and external enemies of the Republic or perish with it; now is this situation, the first maxim of your policy out to 5 be to lead the people but reason and the people‟s enemies by terror” His motivation to govern the interior of France,
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