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HST 211 Final: week 11 class 2 part 2 of 2

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HST 211
Martin Greig

(part 2 of 2) the three Emperors League created in 1872 to 1879 and 1881 to 1890 - Germany needs allies to go against France and therefore Germany Russia and Austria-Hungary work together - they don't care about Italy since they are too little and they don't care about Great Britain since they are doing their own thing - which leaves France all alone Southeastern Europe, Congress of Berlin 1878 - Emperors were so worried about Ottoman Empire weakness - there's a meeting in Berlin of what to do - Serbia, montenegro, Bulgaria separate from Ultimate to be its own - also Bosnia leaves ottoman to Austria-Hungary in 1882 the Triple Alliance - this was created with Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy - the emperor's League dissolved in 1890 - because of Wilhelm II, r. 1888 - 1918 - Wilhelm the first dies and his son only takes control for a few months and therefore Wilhelm II takes over ( he is wilhelm's grandson) - Wilhelm the second butt heads with Bis. ( he feels he is too old) - Therefore Wilhelm fires him in 1890 because he saw Bis. as being too powerful - as his replacement he puts a week Chancellor - Wilhelm II wants to get rid of Emperors League since Austria-Hungary and Russia are both trying to get Land South of Europe which creates competition - therefore Wilhelm once Russia since they have more in common with Austria-Hungary since they to speak German and have similar values - Emperor's league is therefore gone and Russia is all alone in 1894 The Dual-entente was created - this was a treaty between Russia and France - It was a secret - Germany openly supports Great Britain enemy - Wilhelm besides they need to have a Navy to have see Power. he wants Germany to be the most powerful and that means that they need a Navy in 1900, Germany go to plan to create 38 battleships in the next 20 years - which would make them better than Great Britain since Great Britain is currently the most powerful at sea - Great Britain sees this as a threat to them worldwide - therefore Great Britain decides they need friends in Europe - they first asked Journey but they refused and therefore they asked France which suggests it's France was desperate 1904 the alliance called Enterte Quildeal - which is made up of France and Great Britain in 1907 the triple entente - which was an alliance between France, Great Britain and Russia first Balkan War 1912 - Bulgaria teams up with Serbia, Mont and Greece - they def
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