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HST 211 Final: week 6, class 2 part 2 -of 2

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Ryerson University
HST 211
Martin Greig

(Part 2 of 2)) - This is the time when “tourism” actually become a thing - Therefore the middle class trying to be the high class, known as “tapping one's betters” - Also shopping increase, which is what keeps business in business - If people stop buying then everything will fall apart - So this whole new economy is created around the fact of the middle class specifically spending their money and buying (shopping) Effect on Individuals up to 1850 - Impact of Industrial revolution on individuals depended largely on economic class they were in - Aristocrats were often able to parlay their fortunes in land into capitalist/industrial fortune - They were joined by top 1% by large factory owners, bankers, and big-time merchants - Top 1% increase shares GNP from 25% in 1800 to 35% in 1850 (rich are getting richer) - Middle class _______ - Working class had to work long 12 hour, even 14 hours per day even 6 days a week - Also no rules of safety regulations, no unions - Also hired children, like in the mines to make mines smaller - children hired since they're easy to get to work and can be beaten they still worked long hours as an adult - working from the age of 5 - why did parents send children to work - could not afford school and needed the money, also school cost money whereas work gave them money - In 1833, The government made the first law that said children can only work 8 hours a day - but employers worked around that and made shifts so that they would still work long hours - therefore a new law was created that no night shifts and 10 hour shifts which still exists today - later making School available and taking child labor away - There are sanitary issues - what about pay? - no minimum wage - whatever someone accepted employer can pay - many people working but still under poverty line - 31% of population decrease poverty line in Great Britain/Europe - No security in jobs lot of unemployment - employer can easily fire you
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