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HST 211 Final: Week 11, Class 1

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HST 211
Martin Greig

Week 11, Class 1 Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Today’s topic is “the confederation of German States” from 1815 to 1866 ● At this time this confederation was different from Canada’s Con ● Here the German states were all independent ● There was 29 states and they were all equal states ● This confederation was done more for trade ● Some states are more powerful than others ● Prussia and ______(austria - maybe), were the 2 most powerful states of all 29 German states ● Like how we discussed before, Nationalism come from the early 19th century and they were German writers ○ These writers wanted German states to come together into one country ○ There are people in German like the lower class that does not see the point of unity In 1848, the German parliament in Frankfurt ● At this time there were many revolutions taking place, and that therefore gave Germans a boost to create a government for all states, to create a united country ● This creation took place in Frankfurt, and there they tried to create a German parliament, they wanted a monarchy government ● This however did not happen, since there was no support ● It all falls apart very quickly ● For those that are nationalist, and want a united German, they cannot do this with support as many do not care ● They need a champion, someone to take the lead to create a united Germany ○ This idea takes awhile to get into place, and throughout the 1850s nothing happened ● However in the 1860s the idea gets revived King Wilhelm I of Prussia, r. 1861 - 88 ● Wilhelm was the person who took this role to get a united German ● Wil is not democratically inclined, and doesn’t really agree with having a monarch but he says with that idea ● He believed that Prussia military was not good (he knows this as he was in the military before). ○ The government let it go, the equipment was old ● Therefore when he got in power he wanted to first improve the military ○ By increasing the size, and updating the equipment ● First he has to get the parliament's acceptance ○ But many in Parliament did not like this idea because they are afraid that the new military might take them over and that it would cost a lot of money ○ Therefore they said no ● Wil. did not back down and the parliament didn’t back down ether ● In 1862, Wil. brings in a new Chancellor, named Otto von Bismarck Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Prussia 1862-71, Germany 1871-90 ● Bis. started off by trying to negotiate with parliament ● He literally walked in with an olive branch, his idea of negotiation was for than to back down and the parliament viewed it the same way, and therefore this negotiation does not work ● As a result Bis, tells Wil. just to go ahead with the improvement of the military, and Wil. does ● The Parliament can not do anything, since now going against Wil. will cause war, and he is the one with the power of the military ● For years Wil. rules without parliament ● Bis. and Wil. now starts to come up with a idea to use the new military to bring the German states together ○ However it is seen more as prussia ruling over all of Germany ● The idea is there, but there is no path yet set Danish War of 1864 ●
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