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HST 701
Jennifer Hubbard

CMN 432 First SessionLanguage is a terrible medium for converting ideasCommunication happens while source and receiver make meaning together and this happens when source and receiver are in contactCommunication should be subjective not objectiveTo whom does language belong To everyone since its already laid with meaningFirst Model of communication Transmission modelsource encode Channelmessage decodereceiver feedbackSources role in this model Transmitting meaningThe question concerned with this model Did you get itFirst major problem of this model wordsSecond major problem There is no contextThird major problem arrows are unidirectional nd2 Model of Communication Constitutive ModelA bunch of arrows going back and forth Sources role in this model making meaning NOT transmitting meaningConstant Reconciliation of self and otherndCMN 432 2 SessionObjective of universitycreating more new knowledgeBachelorsFundamental things about a body of knowledgeMasters Mastering those fundamental conceptsPhD producing new knowledgeEpisteme versus TechneEpistemeTechneDifference episteme is to know abstract scientific theories The question concerned with Episteme is Did you get it therefore episteme is related to transmission modelTechne is to know how This concept has close tie with constitutive model since its looking for the effect we haveCommunication which involves techne is called Technocratic modelSome writing hints1Remember that active agent in a sentence must not be a piece of technology for exampleComputers are changing the way we liveThis Sentence needs revision2Better to know who your audience isIdentifying your audience in a technical document through their level of expertise1ExpertsTo see if your technical writing is plausible or notTo critic
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