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Health Services Management
HSM 330
Daolun Chen

McKinley et Al. Marx Wright Goldstein Kinsley & Lambert Subfornical Organ  Site of dipsogenic action of Angiotensin II  Dipsogenic stimuli exert their actions through neurons in outer shell of Subfornical Organ  Relaxin affects the outer shell mPOA  Stimulates drinking  Stimulation causes erection  Responsible for in rats governing maternal  Involved in recognition of behaviour sexual partner OVLT  Relaxin only affects the top portion Paraventricular  Releases oxytocin during Nucleus sexual arousal Lateral Hypothalamic  All 3 parts of the lamina terminalis Area form direct neural connections to the LHA Arcuate Nucleus  Site of both short term and long term systems  Produces NPY & AgRP, which stimulate appetite  Activates POMC/CART neurons which release α- MSH, which inhibits eating Hormones  Angiotensin II acts on subfornical  Leptin was the first one to  Oxytocin = love messenger organ to stimulate drinking be discovered  Released by paraventricular  Relaxin is thirst provoking when  Increase Leptin, decrease nucleus administered into cerebral Appetite and Increase ventricles Metabolic Rate  Insulin regulates weight  Insulin inhibits production of NPY  Ghrelin, appetite stimulant- produced by stomach  PYY-appetite suppressant, acts on Arcuate Nucleus to inhibit NPY/AgRP, and stimulates POMC cells  CCK- peptide hormone released by intestine, satiety hormone Enzymes/Proteins   SCD-1- is found in liver, can  Amyloid Pre-Cursor protect obesity in mice by
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