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Ryerson University
HTM 402
Richard Wade

MID-TERM TEST - WINTER 2011 PART A (10 MARKS + 1 bonus mark potentially) However, it is recommended that you answer up to 10 of the 11 questions, due to the 1/4 mark guessing adjustment factor. 1. Home meal replacement product offerings is a growing social/cultural trend T F 2. An example of a biased “default sample” is what is called a mall intercept, which is interviewing shoppers while shopping in a mall. T F 3. The purpose of undertaking an Environmental Analysis is to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. T F 4. In determining the frequency of visitation, will the following question provide valid results? How often do you visit/frequent this restaurant/hotel etc? T F _____ daily _____ several/few times per week _____ weekly _____ two/three times per month _____ less than once per month PART B - Multiple Choice (Answer All Questions) - 20 MARKS + 2 Bonus Marks 51. Which city in North America hiked its hotel tax to over 21.25% for rooms priced over $100 and then subsequently lowered the rate due to adverse consequences. (a) Chicago (b) New York City (c) Los Angeles (d) Boston (e) San Francisco 52. In reference to self- administered surveys, which one of the following criteria should be of the greatest concern to a researcher undertaking consumer research. (a) control over interviewer effects (b) c
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