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HTT 303 Study Guide - Final Guide: Big Data, Yelp, Digital Divide

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HTT 303
Michael Hunter
Study Guide

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HTT 303 Fall 2015: 2nd Readings
1. Growing More...pgs. 1 to 6 and Redefining the...pgs. 21 to 23 and Super Agents...pgs. 13 to 14 Exactly
what pressures have been placed on travel agents and why? Also, to stay in and to enhance business what
can agents do? As well why might travel agents be necessary?
2. Beware 7 What is TICO, what does it do and why?
3. Agents 8 How do travel agents become familiar with hotel properties?
4. How the prime...pgs. 9 to 10 What are fams, how are they changing and why? What is replacing them,
why and how well?
5. Hotels and Travel...pgs. 13 to 18 What can and/or has been done to ensure hotels and travel agents work
together harmoniously?
6. 11 What is the quality and importance of written guides in travel and tourism
7. The days 12 What is the possible future of the corporate travel agent and why?
8. COST CONUNDRUM...pgs. 15 to 16 Who is United Airlines upsetting and why and for whom is paying
for travel by credit card good and bad and why? Also, who gets paid what in a $100 interchange credit
card purchase why and why may changes to this be necessary but bad?
1. Information Sources... pg. 1 How important are LPAs and why? As well why should they understand their
distribution channels, does the literature address this and what is their key distribution source?
2. Information 2 In the distribution channel why do TICs exist, how financially effective is
Rhode Island’s and why is distributed information’s quality important?
3. Travel 3 What do travel writers do?
4. An 4 Where is the best untapped “dwell time real estate” tourism distribution channel
plus how, where and by whom is it being employed, why and isn’t it too intrusive? Finally what can a
campaign get from it for further distribution channel use?
5. Canadians 5 How can points be accumulated fast, what can they be redeemed for, how do
suppliers protect themselves, should a point user book late and use the web and what would price divided
by # of points reveal?
6. A new way of 7 What is the latest distribution channel museums use, why and how much do
customers pay?
7. The Drivers... pgs. 10 to 12 What do managers need to know about loyalty programs and why?
8. 13 What is big data, why is it useful and who in an organization can now use it?
9. 6 How do Toronto’s tour guides differ from those elsewhere, why and so what?
10. Visitor guides…pg. 8 How likely are visitor guides to replace tour guides and why?
11. Giving the gift… pg. 9 What can frequent flier points be redeemed for?
1. Regional 1 What is the job of a DMO and how does that job get done?
2. What 2 How can a DMO best serve its main customer? Also what does a CVB do, how easily
and why?
1. Travel, Tourism and… pg. 1 How is Phocuswright relevant to this course?
2. Bill distribution… pg. 2 Why do traditional bills cost more?
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