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Human Resources
MHR 405
Robin Church

Lec 5 MHR 405- Chapter 9 Communication: The process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people Emotional Contagion: The nonconscious process of ‘catching’ or sharing another person’s emotions by mimicking that person’s expressions and other nonverbal behaviour Figure 9.1 The communication Process Model How Email Has Altered Communication  Now preferred medium for coordinating work  Tends to increase communication volume  Significantly alters communication flow  Reduces some selective attention biases Figure 1.2 Functions of Communicating through Social media Problems:  Communicates emotions poorly  Reduces politeness and respect (flaming)  Inefficient for ambiguous, complex, novel situations  Increases information overload Non-verbal Communication:  Influences meaning of verbal symbols  Less rule bound than verbal communication  Most is automatic and nonconscious Lec 5 Paralanguage or Vocalics: Characteristics of speech – speed, pitch, intonation, pauses, overlapping Kinesics: Body movements - facial expressions, gestures, posture Proxemics: Use of space – arrangement of objects and bodies Oculesics: Eye contact and gaze Haptics: Body contact Media richness: A medium’s data-carrying capacity, that is, the volume and variety of information that can transmitted during a specific time Communication Barriers:  Perceptions  Filtering  Language o Jargon o Ambiguity  Information Overload Figure 9.3 Media Richness Hierarchy Managing Information Overload: Solution 1: Increase info processing capacity  Learn to read faster  Scan through documents more efficiently  Remove distractions  Time management  Temporarily work longer hours Solution 2: Reduce information load  Buffering  Omitting  Summarizing Persuasion: the use of facts, logical arguments, and emotional appeals to change another person’s beliefs and attitudes, usually for the purpose of changing the person’s behaviour Lec 5 Information Overload: A condition in which the volume of information received exceeds the person’s capacity to process it Gender Communication Differences Men consider more power, status, functionality  Report talk- giving advice, assert power  Give advice directly  Dominate conversation style  Apologize less often  Less sensitive to nonverbal cues Women consider more interpersonal relations  Rapport talk- relationship building  Give advice indirectly  Flexible Conversation Style  More Sensitive to nonverbal cues Figure 9.4 Dynamics of information Overload Figure 9.6 Active Listening process and strategies Wikis: Collaborative Web spaces where anyone in a group can write, edit, or remove material from the website Management by walking around (MBWA): A communication practice in which executives get out of their offices and learn from others in the organization through face-to-face dialogue Grapevine: An unstructured and informal network founded on social relationships rather than organizational charts or job descriptions Lec 5 1) Explain why communication is important in organizations and discuss four influences on effective communication encoding and decoding. Communication refers to the process by which information is transmitted and understoodbetween two or more people. Communication supports work coordination, organizational learning, decision making, changing others' behaviour, and employee well-being. The communication process involves forming, encoding, and transmitting the intended message to a receiver, who then decodes the message and provides feedback to the sender. Effective communication occurs when the sender's thoughts are transmitted to and understood by the intended receiver. Four ways to improve thi
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