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MHR405 Notes Chapter 6,8,9,10,11&13 - Perfect for Final Exams

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Neil Rothenberg

Chapter 6Interpersonal and Organizational Wide CommunicationEffective Communication the process by which the information is exchanged between a sender and a receiver with the goal of reaching mutual understandingCommunication process modelForm message encode messagereceive messagedecode messageMessage the thoughts and feelings that the communication is attempting to elicit in receiverFeedback any information that receive about their behavior or performance its effect on others or comparison to a standard or expectationNon verbal communicationElementsKinesicsthe study of body movements including postureEmotional Intelligence 6 universal facial expressionsParalanguage variations in a persons speech Proxemics the study of interpersonal spaces across culturesCommunication on BarriersCultural differences Low context cultures cultures that depend on language to express thoughts feelings and ideas as clearly and logically as possibleHigh Context cultures cultures that value language as a way to maintain social harmonyStatus differences Filtering deleting delaying or softening negative information as it moves up the hierarchy so that is sounds more favorableLanguage ambiguity jargonGender differencesDefensive communication Six characteristicsCritical judgmental Emanager does not accept valexplanationsuationDirects in an authoritarian Cway ontrol Manipulates subordinates Stwists and distorts tramessagetegyMinimal personal support Nand remains indifferent to eutemployeesralityReminds employees who is Sin charge makes upemployees feel inadequateeriorityDogmatic and unwilling to Caccept mistakesertainty Perceptual screens window through which we interact with people and which influences the quality accuracy and clarity of the communicationStrategies for improving interpersonal communicationActive listeningShowing interestParaphrasingReflecting with empathyCounterfeit questionsSupportive nondefensive communication being descriptive rather than being evaluativeEffective feedback
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