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MIDTERM: Questions

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Midterm ExamNameAnswer Key MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1Which of the following approaches is most descriptive of OBs view of the worlda An opensystems approach b A closedsystems approach c A systematic approach d A common sense approach 2 When employees have been empowered they a are given the freedom to be selfactualized at work b have been given formal power by the organization to say no c are given responsibility for what they do d have the authority to direct the work of others 3 When it comes to working in teams a Conference Board of Canada report found a larger firms tend to use teams more than smaller firms b the vast majority of Canadian workplaces used teams in the workplace c inconclusive evidence as to whether or not teams in the workplace increase productivity e 20 of the Fortune 500 firms use teams4 Efficiency is when companiesa produce outputs with the highest quality inputs b produce the highest quality outputs with the highest quality inputs c watch productivity levels more than costs d do things at the lowest cost possible5 Angelina is a manager at the largest manufacturing plant in her companys division She is quick to perceive how talented her employees are and formulates her expectations of them accordingly If she expects people to perform exceedingly well she puts more time and effort into managing them and gives them ample opportunity to develop their skills and talents Angelina finds that such employees do indeed become some of the best performers Angelinas actions are an example of a the halo effect b stereotyping c a selffulfilling prophecyd prejudice 6 When people observe the behaviour of others they attempt to determine whether that behaviour is caused by internal factors or external factors This is consistent withtheory a attribution b selffulfilling prophecyc motivational d fundamental attribution error 7 When a person stereotypes another person the key thing he or she is doing is making generalizations based upon a a key strength of the other person b the values of the other person c the speaking style of the other person d a predefined group to which the other person belongs
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