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FINAL EXAM: Chapter 2 Study Questions

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

1Chapter 2CREATING A POSITIVE WORKENVIRONMENT ATTITUDES VALUES ETHICS 1 Which best defines the processes practices and systems that an organization does particularly well and that are widely recognized as improving the organizations performance and efficiency in specific areas a triple bottom line b high performance organizations c bestpractice methods d job components2Which is synonymous with ambition honesty selfsufficiency responsibility independence and courage a instrumental values b terminal values c primary factors d secondary factors3Which of the following has shown that attitudes are stronger held more confidently and more resistant to change than attitudes formed through indirect experience a observation b social learning c heredity d direct experience4Which best defines the degree to which individuals are expected to be part of a group in their organization or in their society a individualism versus collectivism b ingroup collectivism c assertive d global leadership and organizational behaviour effectiveness5Which best describes job satisfaction organizatio
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