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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

MHR STUDY NOTESChapter 1 Organizational Behaviouris the study of what people think feel and do in and around organizations Organizationsare groups of people who work interdependently toward some purposeConsist of people who share common objectivesOrganizational EffectivenessIs a broad concept as it has several perspectives It is mainly an organizations fit with the external environment internal subsystems configuration for high performance organizational learning and its ability to satisfy the needs of key stakeholders Open SystemsIs a perspective which stats that organizations depend on the external environment for resources affect that environment through their output and consist of internal subsystems that transform input into output View Pg 5 Open Describes this permeable relationshipClosed closed systems operate without dependence on or interaction with the external environment Organizational EfficiencyThe amount of outputs relative to inputs in an organizations transformation process Organizational LearningA perspective which states that organizational effectiveness depends on the organizations capacity to acquire share use and store valuable knowledge Absorptive CapacityThe ability to recognize the value of new information assimilate it and use it fore valueadded activities Intellectual CapitalA companys stock of knowledge including human capital structural capital and relationship capitalIncludes relationship capital which is the value derived from an organizations relationship with customers suppliers and others who provide added mutual value for the organization Human CapitalThe stock of knowledge skills and abilities among employees that provide economic value to the organization Structural CapitalKnowledge embedded in an organizations systems and structures Organizational memory Storage and preservation of intellectual capital Includes documents objects and anything else that provides meaningful information about how the organization operates HighPerformance Work Practices HPWPThe HPWP perspective begins with the idea that human capital the knowledge skills and abilities that employees possess is an important source of competitive advantage for organizations HPWP four most recognized1Employee involvement 2 Job autonomy3 Employee competence 4 Performance and skill developmentStakeholdersIndividuals organizations and other entities that affect or are affected by the organizations objectives and actions Organizational leaders need to decide how much priority to give to each group One commonly cited factor is to favour stakeholders with the most power ValuesAre relatively stable evaluate beliefs that guide our preferences for outcomes or courses of action in a variety of situations EthicsRefers to the study or moral principles or values that determine whether actions are right or wrong and outcomes are good or bad Corporate social responsibility CSRConsists of organizational activities intended to benefit society and the environment beyond the firms immediate financial interests or legal obligations Many companies have adopted the triplebottomline philosophy They try to support the economic social and environmental spheres of sustainability GlobalizationsRefers to economic social and cultural connectivity with people in other parts of the world SurfaceLevel DiversityThe observable demographic or physiological differences in people such as their race ethnicity gender age and physical capabilities DeepLevel DiversityDifferences in the psychological characteristics of employees including personalities beliefs values and attitudes WorkLife BalanceThe degree to which a person minimizes conflict between work and nonwork demands Virtual WorkWork performed away from the traditional physical workplace by means of information technology Anchors of Organizational Behaviour Knowledge
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