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MHR 523 Midterm: Human Resources Notes

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Anne Hardacre

Human Resources Notes: Review: 50 Marks, 20 of the course (2 hours) MC: 20 marks Short Answer: 24 marks Critical thinking: 6 marks Focus AREAS: Recruitment Sources Recruitment Process Recruiting a diverse workforce Factors affect HRM Objectiveimportance of the various employment laws, we discussed Human Rights Legislation and term associated Employment Standards Legislation HRPlabour surplus vs. labour demand programs to balance Job Analysis processes and uses of job analysis Job design options (job rotation, job enrichment, and job enlargement Steps of HRP and role of environment scanning HR Managers Duties Operational and Strategic Aspects of HR Management Why is Human Resources Management Important to All Managers? Critical Thinking: I will give you one question that you will answer worth 6 marks. It will be on HR strategic functions (recruitment, HR strategy, job design and job analysis.
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