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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Short answer questions 1. Types of Interviews Structured- questions are asked of every applicant, predetermined checklist of questions, can be behaviorally oriented or not Unstructured-enables interviewer to peruse in depth to the applications response, interviewer uses few if any planned questions Mixed-interview format is a combination of structured and unstructured interviews Behavior Oriented-behavioral description-past behavior is best predictor of future behavior, situational attempts to asses applicants likely future response to specific situations Stress Producing- series of harsh rapid-fire questions to upset applicant and learn how they react under stress Computer-Assisted- use of computers to electronically profile job candidates and screen new hires, may potentially increase reliability (by making interviews uniform), some controversy exists using this type of interview Video Interviewing- interviews using solicit videos of candidate’s answers to provided questions. 2. Uses of Preformance appraisal Performance improvement, compensation adjustments, placement decisions, training and development needs, career planning and development, identify deficiencies in staffing process, detect informational inaccuracies, diagnose job decision errors, avoid discrimination, uncover external changes 3?Instructural System design Model of training design 3 steps, 1)Needs Analysis- aka needs assessment, most important step, systematic process for uncovering deficiencies within organization and what causes them INCLUDES- identify concern (performance gap), is it important? Consult stakeholders, collect data(organizational analysis, task/job analysis, personal/individual level analysis) 2)Training Design- involves several steps, determine/write training objectives , decide to purchase or design, determine content, determine methods 3)Training Methods-on the job training (structured, job rotation, apprenticeships, coaching mentoring) off the job training (lectures, discussions, case studies and incentives, role plays, simulations and games 4.Compensation Management Phases 1) Job analysis- identifies and study jobs, positions and job descriptions, and job standards 2) Job Evolution- determine relative worth of value of jobs, provides for internal equity, Job evaluation methods(job ranking, job grading, point system) 3)Salary Surveys- discover what other employees are paying for specific job, provide for external equity, source of data(ex. Labor Canada) 4)Price Jobs- establish appropriate pay level for each job, combines job evaluation. Ranking surveyed, wage rates and other considerations MATCH- grouping different pay levels into structure that can be managed, job classes and rate ranges 5. Flexible Benefits ADV AND DIS ADV- allows employees to select benefits and services that match their individual needs, results in employee participation, flexible plans make introduction of new benefit plans less costly, cost containment- organization sets dollar maximum and employee chooses within the constraint DISADV- employees can make bad decisions and find themselves not covered for predictable emergencies, administration burdens and expenses increase, adverse selection- employees only pick benefits they will use , the high benefit utilization increases company’s costs 6. Features Of Union Substitution Design satisfying jobs, maximize opportunities, select qualified workers, and establish fair standards, train workers and managers, evaluated based on performance, employees have a voice, and pay/benefits are parallel 7.Team contract elements, purpose and what makes a good one team’s vision & goals, project plan and charter 1. A name for your team 2. A team document outlining your team’s agreed-upon vision and a break-down of your short-term and long-term goals that will help you to accomplish you
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