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Human Resources
MHR 523
Gerald Swartz

MHR523 Midterm Notes • 6 HRM Responsibilities*: o Job Analysis o HR Planning o Selecting Employees o Training Employees o Managing Compensation o Communicating with Employees • 5 External Environmental Influences on HR*: o Economic Conditions o Labour Market o Government o Technology o Globalization • 5 Legal Frameworks for Employment Law in Canada: o Constitutional Law o Legislated Acts of Parliament o Regulations o Contract Law o Common Law • 2 Types of Discrimination: o Intentional – intentionally discriminating a group o Unintentional – apparently neutral policies that hurt a group • 2 Types of Sexual Harassment: o Sexual Coercion – sexual harassment in exchange for tangible benefits such as promotion or preventing being fired o Sexual Annoyance – sexual harassment without link to tangible benefits • 4 Designated Groups*: o Women o Aboriginals o Visible Minorities o Disabled People • 7 Plights of the Discriminated Groups: o Lower Pay o Occupational Segregation o Glass Ceiling o Underutilization o Higher unemployment o Underemployment o Low Status Jobs with Little Career Potential • 7 Ways to Create an Inclusive Environment*: o Top Management Commitment o Integration of Diversity Initiatives and Talent o Support Groups o Diversity Training Programs o Critical Relationship Networks o Open Dialogue o Management Responsibility and Accountability • 4 Job Design Considerations: o Job Specialization o Behavioural Aspects o Ergonomic Aspects o Increasing Job Flexibility • 7 Uses of Job Analysis Information*: o HR Planning o Recruitment and Selection o Compensation o Performance Appraisal o Labour Relations o Training o Job Design • 6 Steps to Job Analysis: o Identify Purpose of Information o Review Background Info o Select Jobs to be Analyzed o Analyze the Jobs o Review Analysis with Supervisor o Develop Job Description • 3 Reasons to Describe Jobs in Competencies Rather Than Duties: o Traditional Job Descriptions may Backfire o Describing Jobs by Competencies is more Strategic o Measureable Competencies support Employer’s Performance Management Process • 7 Job Description Information: o Job Identification o Job Summary o Relationships o Duties o Authority o Performance Standards o Working Conditions • Memorize Chapter 5 Slide 5 or Textbook Figure 5.3* • 6 Frequently Monitored External Environment Factors: o Economic Conditions o Market Trends o Laws o Social Concerns to Healthcare and Education o Technological Changes o Demographics • 6 Ways to Forecast HR Needs (Demand): o Trend Analysis o Ratio Analysis o Sc
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