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Human Resources
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MHR 523
Margaret Yap

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Chapter 7 orientation/ training/ development 1. What/why/who and how? 2. How do we evaluate effectiveness? 3. What are the challenges? Chapter 8 Performance Management 1. Why do it? 2. Who does it? 3. Uses of performance appraisal information 4. Criteria for effective goals/objectives 5. Method: advantages & disadvantages 6. Rater’s errors and how to avoid them 7. Elements/characteristics of an effective performance appraisal system Chapter 9 Total Rewards & P4P 1. What are total rewards? 2. Job evaluation methods 3. Compensable factors, grades and ranges 4. What is Pay equity 5. What is P4P? Why P4P? 6. Long term/ short term; Group/ individual advantages and disadvantages 7. Advantages and disadvantages of pay secrecy 8. Three factors that lead to better performance Chapter 10 Benefits 1. Strategic role of benefits: societal, organizational and employee objectives 2. Government-legislated (federal/provincial); who pays? 3. ER-sponsored benefits 4. Cost containment –healthcare costs 5. Pension plan – defined benefit versus defined contribution 6. Flex benefits plan – what is it, advantages & disadvantages Chapter 11 Managing employee re
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