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MHR Study Package [Chapter 1-6] for Midterm

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Constantine Angyridis

MHR Study Package • What is HR – Systems, Methods, Processes and Procedures • Goals include Employee Satisfaction, Employee Retention, Employee  Productivity and Creativity • Planning, Maintaining High Performance, Motivating Employees, Attracting  Human Resources, Placing, Developing and Evaluating • Specialized sub­departments correspond with major activities  (Recruitment+Selection, Compensation, Training+Development) • CHRP Designation [STAND FOR??] • HR responsibility to maximize positive outcomes and minimize challenges • Managers should understand ethical perspectives • Cost Leadership Strategy, Differentiation Strategy, Focus Strategy • Job Analysis – HR Activities that rely on job analasys o Improve Productivity o Training o Avoid Discrimination o Attract Applicants o Performance Standards o Compensation • Choice of methods for data collection o Interviews o Focus Groups o Mailed Questionnaires o Employee Log o Observation o Combinations • Job Description – a recognized list of functions, tasks, accountabilities, working  conditions, and competencies for a particular occupation or job o Job Identity (e.g. Job Title, Code, Grade, Status) o Job summary and duties (what your job is) o Working Conditions e.g. hours of work, hazards o Approvals • Job Specifications o A written statement that explains what a job demands o Indicates the human knowledge, skills, abilities, other charactaristics o Includes specific tools, actions, experiences, education, and training • Employee Considerations o Autonomy (Having control over one’s work and response to work  environment) o Variety (Opportunity to use different skills or perform different activities) o Feedback (Information that help’s evaluate success or failure) o Task Significance (Knowing that one’s work is important) • Specialization o Advantages: Increases Productivity, Less time to learn, Provides jobs to  those with limited skills o Disadvantages: Employee satisfaction drops, boredom causes errors or  resignations • Human Resource Planning (HRP) o Process of forecasting human resources requirements to ensure that  organization will have required number of employees with nessecary skills  • 5 Levels of Planning Activities o … • HR Planning Process o 1. Forecast Demand for Resources o 2. Assess Supply of Resources o 3. Develop HR Objectives o 4. Design and Implement HR Programs to Balance Supply/Demand o 5. Established  • Cases of Demand for HR o External  Economic Developementt  Social­Political­Legal Challenges  Technological Changes  Competitors o Strategic Plan  Budgets  Sales & Production forecasts  New Ventures  Organization & Job Design o Workforce  Retirements  Deaths  Leave of absence  Termination • Forecasting Human Resource Needs o Informal and instant forecast (Manager believes workload justifies another  employee) o Formal Expert Surveys (planners survey managers) o Delphi technique (Solicits estimates from a group of experts, usually  managers) • Trend Projection Forecasts o Extrapolation – Extending past rates of change into the future o Indexation – Matching employment growth with an index (e.g. ratio of  production employees to sales) • Managing Oversupply of Workers o Headcount reduction  Layoffs  Leave without Pay  Termination o Attriction  Hiring Freeze (voluntary departures slowly reduces surplus) o Work Arrangements o Job Sharing o Use of Part­Time Workers (replacing full­time) o Internal Transfers (New jobs for surplus employee) o Loaning or Floxforce  • Overcoming Employee Shortages o Hire Employees (Full Time, Part TIme) o Source Service Providors o Develop employees internally (Replacement charts/succession planning) o Consider existing work arrangements o Overtime • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) o Used to collect recor
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