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mhr 523 lecture 3

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

LECTURE 3 MHR 523 HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING In the news… • BlackBerry job cuts begin with 300 layoffs [Oct. 8, 2013] • Heinz job cuts to hit 740 Canadians [Nov.14, 2013] • Kellogg’s London plant to shut – 500 face layoffs [Dec.10, 2013] • Sears Canada to lay off nearly 800 employees [Nov.26, 2013] • Sears Canada to cut more than 1,600 jobs [Jan. 15, 2014] • Air Canada Rouge hiring hundreds of flight attendants as it adds western base [Jan. 14, 2014] • Bombardier to lay off 1,700 from aerospace division [Jan. 21, 2014] Human Resource Planning • Human Resource Planning systematically forecasts an organization’s future demand for and supply of employees and matches supply with demand • Effective Human Resource Planning enables strategic success – proper staffing is critical • Different organizational strategies require varying human resource plans • Facilitates proactive response to environmental and legal challenges • Needs to be matched to tactical plans • Levels of HR planning vary Strategic HR Planning Goal: Supply = Demand Get the right number of people with the right KSAs in the right place at the right time to meet organizational goals Human Resource Planning Process Step 1: Forecast Demand Step 2: Assess Supply Step 3: Develop HR Objectives Step 4: Design & Implement HR Programs Step 5: Establish Program Evaluation Causes of Demand for Human Resources External Economic developments Social-political-legal challenges Technological changes Competitors Organizational Strategic plan Budgets Sales & production forecasts New ventures Organizational & job design Workforce Retirements Resignations Terminations Deaths Leaves of absence Promotion?? Forecasting Human Resource Needs Expert • Informal and instant decisions • Formal expert survey • Nominal Group or Delphi technique Trend Projection • Extrapolation: Extending past rates of change into the future. • Indexation: Estimating future employment needs by matching employment growth with a selected index, such as the ratio of production employees to sales. • Statistical analysis Other • Budget and planning analysis • New-venture analysis • Computer-based simulation models The Supply of Human Resources: Internal Supply Estimates
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