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Human Resources
MHR 523
Anne Hardacre

Review for Midterm TEST 1 houronline test 60 MC on module 16 inclusiveCHAPTER 1 Strategic HRM critical chapter WHAT IT ISHRMleadership and management of people win org using systems methods processes and procedures to help employees to achieve own goals to enhance the employees positive contribution to the orgits goalsSupportsenables organizations to meet short and longterm economic socialand environmental goals Organizational goals are economic profit shareholder value social ethical practices environmental reduction of carbon footprintITS ROLEService departments Staff authorityadvise but not direct othersLine authoritymake decisions about production performance peopleFunctional authoritystaff experts make decisions take action line managersCHALLENGESEconomicboombust cycles global trade productivity improvement global competitiveness o HR faces challenges in recessionary periods layoff wage lower morale rdo Cheap labour in 3 world countries no new jobs o Boom cyclesHR must consider how to recruitdevelop talent o HR must use outsourcing outplacement parttime workers to meet productivity ratios output vs inputsTechnologicalflexible work design info sharingknowledge management automation computerization o Telecommuting o Knowledge managementprocess of capturing org knowledgemaking avail for sharingbuilding new knowledge o Internet has impact on HR activity social networking sites video sharing o Robots replace boring hazardous jobsDemographicgender balance shift toward knowledge workers educational attainment of workers aging population generational shift o 48 women child care workfamily balance dual career families equity o shift toward service jobs knowledge workers are fastest growing type of workers o average age of workforce increasing old age crisiso HR pressure retirement benefits variable work sched benefits retraining programs o Parttime contractcontingent freelancers paid based on completion workers o Baby boomersjobcareer impressed by power institute business practices team orientated o Generation xmistrust business practices jobwork sefreliant o Generation yneed learning feedback teamwork technology security respect worklife balance high expectationsCultural attitudes towards workgovernment diversity ethicsLegalemployment equity human rights laws charter of rights min wage acts safety related legislationSTRATEGIC HRM3 levels corporate entire org business major activity divisionfunctional managers of diff activities finance mktingStrategic HRM systematically linked to the strategic needs of an organizationaims to integrate HRM strategiessystems to support the organizations overall mission strategies and success while meeting the needs of employeesother stakeholdersProactive HRManticipate and take action before problem existReactive HRMrespond to problemsThe Strategic HRM Model o Step 1 Environmental ScanMonitor economic social labour mkt trends govmnt policies legislationIdentify threatsopportunities to form new guidelines o Step 2 Organizational Mission and Goals AnalysisProductivity org growth employee satisfaction efficiency ability to adaptHR strategiesMission statement purpose longterm objectives org will pursueo Step 3 Analysis of Organizational Character and CultureStrategies formed after look at orgs character employees objectives technology size age unions policies successfailure o Step 4 Analysis of Organizational StrategiesCost leadership competitive advantage w lower cost differentiation innovative design focus strategies o Step 5 ChoiceImplementation of HR StrategiesPlanning HR attracting HR placing developevaluating HR motivate employees maintain high performanceCommitment strategyattempts to forge commonality btw org and employeesCompliance strategyfocus on achieving labor efficiencies through control over labour cots use of temp workforce max control over processed used as competitive weaponPaternalistic strategyminimal degree of training competency building through training job rotation done through achieving flexibility of staffingtask assignmentsmarinating workforce stabilityCollaborative strategyrelies on highly skilled contract labour to supply needed specialized as needed basis or oncall o Step 6 ReviewEvaluation of Human Resource StrategiesStrategies examined due to challengesHR audit holistic examination of HR policies practices of a firmProduce valuable feedbackCHAPTER 2 Planning Human Resources Job Analysisstudy of job to discover specifications skill requirements for wagesetting recruitment training jobsimplification purposesImportant to know job requirements to plan recruitment programs effectively hire people determine training needs assess job performance fair compensation develop career pathsJobgroup of related activitiesdutiesPosition collection of tasksresponsibilities performed by individualHIRS human resource information systemeasy retrieval of relevant job detailsJOB ANALYSIS PROCESS JAP Phase 1Preparation for Job Analysis o Step 1Familiarize W Org And Jobsawareness of orgs strategies strcutures imputs desired outcomes o Step 2Determine Uses Of JAplan recruitment programs effectively hire people determine training needs assess job performance fair compensation develop career paths o Step 3Identify Jobs To Be Analyzedjobs that are critical to success of orgPhase 2Collection of Information o Step 4 Determine Sources Of Job Data Human sourceincumbents supervisors job experts colleagues subordinates customersNonhuman sourcesdescriptions specs equip blueprint maintenance or manual records traning safety manuals NOC company records professional magazine publications internet o Step 5Data Collection Instrument Design job analysis questionnaires o Step 6Choice Of Method For Data Collection Interview focus groups mailed questionnaires employee log observation combinations
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