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Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1Which of the following is true about performance management1 AIt is indirectly related to achieving strategic objectives BBetter performance management represents a largely untapped opportunity to improve company profitability CThe process does not involve coaching DThe process contains 3 steps EResearch indicates that most companies manage performance well2The critical step in employees understanding of how their work makes 2 a contribution isAthe appraisal session Bdefining performance expectations Cthe promotion decision Dthe career planning session Ethe pay decision3To clarify performance expectationsshould be developed3 Astrategic objectives Ban HR strategy Cmeasurable standards Da business plan Ea list of traits4The following are reasons for the failure of a performance appraisal 4 EXCEPTAarguing and poor communications which arise as problems during feedback sessions Bnot telling employees ahead of time exactly what is expected of them Ca lenient supervisor Dhaving poor measures of performance Eclearly defining performance standards5The job description often is not sufficient to clarify what employees are 5 to do This lack of clarity is becauseAit is written only for benchmark jobs Bit is written for specific employees Cit is written for specific departments Dit is the same for groups of employees Emanagers may ask individual employees to take on additional tasks6The simplest and most popular technique for appraising employees is 6 theAforced distribution method Balternation ranking method Ccritical incident method Dpaired comparison method Egraphic rating scale7A scale that lists a number of traits and a range of performance for each 7 is called anAalternation ranking method Bforced distribution method Cbehaviourally anchored rating scale Dpaired comparison scale Egraphic rating scale8Renu has been hired as the first human resources professional at a 8 growing landscape architecture firm Terrastyle Inc The firm is currently using a formal appraisal method which lists traits such as teamwork and performance values ranging from needs improvement to outstanding Terrastyle is using the following appraisal methodAbehaviourally anchored rating scale Bgraphic rating scale Cforced distribution method Dcritical incident method Epaired comparison method9A common method for appraising performance which involves 9 evaluating employees by ranking them from best to worst on some trait is called theAforced distribution method Bpaired comparison method Calternation ranking method Dbehaviourally anchored rating scale Egraphic rating scale10An example of the alternation ranking method would include the 10 following steps EXCEPTAcross off names not known well enough to rank Blisting the highestranking employee on the first line Cputting the lowestranking employee on the last line Ddefining the compensable factors Elisting all the employees to be ranked11The method for appraising performance which ranks employees by 11 making a chart of all possible pairs of the employees for each trait and indicating which employee is the better of the pair is known as theAforced distribution method Bgraphic rating scale Cpaired comparison method Dalternation ranking method Ecritical incident method1212 The performance appraisal method that would use ato denote better than and ato denote worse than when comparing employees in order to get the highestranked employee is theAcritical incident method Bgraphic rating scale method Cpaired comparison method Dforced distribution method Ealternation ranking method13The performance appraisal method which is similar to grading on a 13 curve and which places a predetermined percentage of ratees in various performance categories is theApaired comparison method Balternation ranking method Ccritical incident method Dforced distribution method Egraphic rating scale
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