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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1Total rewards refers to1 Acontractual pay methods or fringe benefits to employees Bpayroll costs Call forms of pay or other compensation provided to employees Dcertain forms of pay and rewards to employees Ecash payments only2The total rewards approach has arisen from the2 Aemployees requirement for stability Bchanging business environment of the last several decades Cexecutive boardroom Dorganizations business needs Echanging global economy3A total rewards approach considers3 Acost constraints Bbusiness strategy Cindividual reward components as part of an integrated whole Dcompensation and benefits together Eemployee value4Originally total rewards were conceptualized as having three broad 4 categories They areAcompensation flexible benefits work experience Bperformance and recognition benefits work experience Cbonus benefits work experience Dcompensation benefits work experience Edevelopmentcareer opportunities benefits work experience5Research conducted by WorldatWork has clarified the work 5 experience category of total rewards by splitting it into three parts They areAworklife programs business strategy and developmentcareer opportunities Bworklife programs HR strategy and developmentcareer opportunities Cworklife programs organizational culture and developmentcareer opportunities Dworklife programs performance and recognition and development and career opportunities Eworklife programs succession programs and salary grade6Worklife programs help employees do their jobs effectively using6 Aflexible scheduling and childcare Badvancement opportunities Crecognition programs Dvacation and holidays Eemployerpaid insurance7Engagement is7 Atransactional rewards which are consistent across competing organizations Bthe belief that the organization cares about talent management Crelational work experiences Dpositive emotional connection to the employer and a clear understanding of the strategic significance of the job Eproviding competitive base pay8The Revlex Company did a salary survey and the results showed that 8 10 of its key positions had lower wages compared with similar positions at their key competitors The problem the company faces isAbroadbanding Bexternal inequity Ccomparable worth Dinternal inequity Epay equity9You are advising the President of a newly formed company as to 9 payroll obligations This company is provincially regulated and is located in British Columbia She has asked you to advise her as to legislative minimum standards regarding pay You respond that the British Columbia Employment Standards Act sets minimum standards regarding pay for each of the following categories EXCEPTApensions Bminimum wage Cpaid statutory holidays Dovertime pay Epaid vacation10Pay equity laws were enacted in response to10 Agenderneutral job evaluation systems Bpay discrimination against senior citizens Cthe variety of job evaluation systems being used to evaluate jobs Dthe variety of compensable factors being used to evaluate jobs Ethe historical undervaluing of womens work11Most Canadian human rights acts prohibit discrimination in pay based 11 on the following grounds EXCEPTAheight Bage Csex Dphysical disability Ecolour12Important considerations for paying employees include the following 12 EXCEPTAlegal considerations Baverage age considerations Cunion considerations Dequity considerations Epolicy considerations13The Employment Insurance Act provides unemployment benefits 13 varying by region and other factors for up toweeksA30B45C52D18E2614Unions tend to believe that no one can judge the relative worth of jobs 14 better thanAmanagement Bjob evaluation consultants Cunion leaders Dworkers EHR staff
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