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Human Resources
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MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

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MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1Safety and accident prevention concerns managers because1 Aof global competition Bemployees need to be motivated Ccustomer service is extremely important Dcutting costs is essential Eworkrelated accidents figures are staggering22 A 2005 IPSOReid poll conducted for WorkSafe BC and the Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada found thatpercent of Canadians believe that workplace accidents are inevitableA52B50C75D64E613Occupational health and safety legislation is based on the principle of3 Acomplexity Bjoint responsibility Cdue diligence Dparticipation Eeducation4Occupational health and safety legislation falls into three categories 4 One of the categories isAworkplace injuries Bsafety inspections Cprotective clothing DWHMIS Erules for specific industries5The due diligence requirement in occupational health and safety 5 legislation requires that every reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of workers be taken byAemployers and employees Bemployers Csafety associations Demployees Egovernment6If employees have reasonable cause to believe that work is dangerous 6 they have the right under health and safety legislation toArefuse to do the work Bgo straight to the company president and complain Cask someone else to do the work Dignore their concern Efile a lawsuit against the company7A supervisor at a mine site sent employees reporting to him into the 7 mine even though he had read a report stating that underground tremors were likely to occur during the time that the employees were in the mine Three hours into the employees work shift a significant tremor occurred causing part of the mine to collapse One employee was killed and three others were seriously injured Under what law could the supervisor be charged with a criminal offenseAHuman Rights legislation BThe Criminal Code CEmployment Standards Act DEmployment standards Legislation EOccupational Health and Safety Act8The function of joint health and safety committees is to provide a 8atmosphere where management and labour can work together to ensure a safe and healthy workplaceAsupportive Bnonadversarial Cstructured Ddirective Ecollegial9Most occupational health and safety legislation in Canada has the 9 following features in common EXCEPTAresponsibilities and rights of employers and employees Benforcement of occupational health and safety laws Cjoint health and safety committees Demployee drug testing Econtrol of toxic substances10Health and safety hazard control can be achieved by the following 10 EXCEPTAestablishing procedures to ensure that a potential hazard will not reoccur Baddressing safety issues before injuries occur Cidentifying ways in which a hazardous situation can be prevented by workers Daddressing safety issues before accidents happen Erefusing to do unsafe work11The responsibilities of occupational health and safety committees 11 include the following EXCEPTAaccident investigation Bpaying for safety certification programs Chazard identification Dinvestigation of employee complaints Edissemination of information about health and safety laws and regulations12Occupational health and safety inspectors have the following powers 12 EXCEPTAto enter a workplace at any time without a warrant or prior notification Bto issue orders to stop work Cto carry out safety inspections of workplaces Dto issue orders to stop emission of contaminants Eto impose jail terms13You are a newly hired human resources professional at a Canadian 13 Border Services office located near the Halifax Port Employees often have to board container ships and search their cargo To which law do you look for Canadawide standards on hazardous materials in the workplaceAMSDS BWHMIS CBill C45 DVDTRSI EOHSA14The components of WHMIS are14 Alabelling of hazardous material employee training
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