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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1Any indirect financial payments given to employees are known as1 Acommissions Bstock options Cperquisites Demployee benefits Efinancial incentives22 Outsourcing benefits administration to a thirdparty expert has the following advantagesAfewer benefit claims Bgreater efficiency and consistency and enhanced service Creduced cost Dincreased employee understanding of benefits Ereduced cost and enhanced service3The following factors isare expected to increase the cost of benefits3 Ababy boomers Bpension plans Clooming labour shortage Dadvances in dental care Eemployee services4The average cost of benefits as a percentage of payroll is 4 approximatelyA50B37C25D10E3055 A governmentsponsored program that provides weekly income benefits if a person is unable to work through no fault of hisher own is usually calledAstrike pay Bsick pay Cemployment insurance Dtermination pay Eseverance pay6The EI benefit is generally 55 of average earnings during the last 14 to 6 26 weeks of theAprevious calendar year Bqualifying period Cprevious 52 weeks Dprobationary period Ebenefit period7The purpose of an SUB plan is7 Ato provide benefits separate from EI so that employees can better maintain their standard of living during periods of unemployment Bto supplement maternity leave Cto facilitate an agreement between an employer and the employees Dto supplement EI benefits by receiving a combined benefit closer to the actual working wage Ethe result of collective bargaining8The three types of benefits provided under the CanadaQuebec Pension 8 Plan areAretirement survivor old age security Bdisability survivor old age security Cretirement vacation disability Dretirement disability survivor Eretirement survivor health care9Workers compensation is in effect ainsurance plan to help 9 employees with workrelated injuries or illnesses get well and return to workAbureaucratic Bno cost Cpension Dno fault Eguaranteed10All parties agree that the best way to manage workers compensation 10 claims over the long term isAprivatization of workers compensation Binstituting employee premiums Cbetter claims monitoring Daccident prevention Ereducing benefits11Abacus Trucking Ltd has experienced a rise in workers compensation 11 claims over the past year You are the Human Resources professional who has been asked what the company can do to reduce the number of claims You respond that the following are steps the company should take EXCEPTAcomply with government safety standards Binstitute effective health and safety programs Cinstitute rehabilitation programs for injured or ill workers Ddiscipline workers who have more than one workers compensation claim Eprovide career counseling to guide employees into less strenuous or stressful jobs12Individualized benefit plans allowed by some employers in order to 12 accommodate employee preferences for benefits are known asAconstrained benefits plans Bindividualized benefits plans Cflexible benefits programs Dfamilyfriendly benefits Eperquisite benefits plans13A benefit that provides pay to an employee when heshe is out of work 13 because of a nonwork related injury or illness is calledAseverance pay Bshortterm disabilitysick leave Cworkers compensation Dunemployment pay Ehospitalization benefits14An employer tactic to minimize the problem of employees excessive 14 use of sick days would include the following EXCEPTAaggressively investigating all absences Bholding cash prize lotteries for employees with perfect attendance Cincreasing the number of sick days for employees Dcalling the absent employees at their homes Ebuying back unused sick leave at the end of the year
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