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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 11 The term labourmanagement relations refers toAthe process of labour management contract negotiations and the process of administering a collective agreement Brelations between union members Crelations between front line managers and employees only Dthe process of contract negotiations Ethe process of administering a collective agreement2The negotiations that take place between a labour union and an 2 employer to arrive at a mutuallyacceptable collective agreement are known asAcontract ratification Bcontract bargaining Ccollective bargaining Dcontract administration Eunion organizing3In acollective bargaining is accepted as an appropriate 3 mechanism for establishing workplace rulesAproactive human resources approach Bunion avoidance strategy Cunion substitution approach Dunion acceptance strategy Eunion suppression approach4Bargaining has commenced at the Airport Authority in Vancouver The 4 management bargaining team has as its mandate to strive for a mutually acceptable collective agreement This is an example ofAproactive human resources approach Blabour relations strategy Cunion substitution approach Dunion avoidance strategy Eunion acceptance strategy5Specific strategies adopted by organizations using the union 5 substitution approach includeApay benefits and working conditions equal to or better than those in unionized firms Baccepting collective bargaining as an appropriate mechanism for establishing terms and conditions of employment Cpreventing a union from gaining a foothold Davoiding a union at all costs Eviewing the union as the legitimate representative of the firms employees6Becoming so responsive to employees needs that there is no incentive 6 for unionization is associated with which approach to labour relationsAunion substitution Bpositive labour relations Cunion acceptance Dunion avoidance Eunion suppression7An organizing drive has begun at a busy branch of a bank The 7 managers wish to avoid a union at all costs This approach to labour relations isAunion avoidance Btough bargaining Cunion suppression Dunion acceptance Eunion substitution8Canadas labour laws have two key purposes which are8 Aproviding a common set of rules for fair negotiations and protecting public interest Bspecifying management rights and union rights Censuring the right to unionize or remain unionfree Dprotecting union rights and management rights Ebalancing the rights of the public and protection of public welfare9Common characteristics among labour relations legislation in all 9 Canadian jurisdictions include all of the following EXCEPTAthe requirement that disputes over matters arising from interpretation of the collective agreement be settled by binding arbitration Bprocedures that must be followed by one or both parties before a strike or lockout is legal Ca minimum term of six months for all collective agreements Destablishment of a labour relations board or the equivalent Eprohibition of strikes or lockouts during the life of a collective agreement10Each of the following is a component of business unionism EXCEPT10 Alobbying for legislative changes pertaining to security issues and working conditions Bachieving better working conditions Cnegotiating for better pay and benefits Dseeking greater job security EThere are no exceptions listed above11Convincing politicians of the need for stricter and more comprehensive 11 health and safety legislation is most closely associated withApolitical unionism Bsocial unionism Cinformation picketing Dbusiness unionism Eprestrike activity12Speaking out on proposed legislative reforms is most closely associated 12 withAinformation picketing Bprestrike activity Cpolitical unionism Dsocial unionism Ebusiness unionism13An association of persons performing a certain type of skill or trade is 13 calledAa provincial federation of labour Ban industrial union Can independent local union Da craft union Ean international union
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