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Human Resources
MHR 523
Tom Clark

MHR NOTESQUIZ CLASSES 14Chapter 1Strategic role of HRMHRMmanagement of people in organizations to drive successful organizational performanceachievement of the organizations strategic goals responsible for ensuring that the organization attracts retains engages the diverse talent required to meet operationalperformance commitments made to customersshareholders primary responsibility for managing the workforce that drives organizational performanceachievement of the organizations strategic goalsHRM involves formulatingimplementing HRM systems recruitment performance appraisal compensation that are aligned w the organizations strategy in order to ensure that the workforce has the competenciesbehaviours that are required to achieve the organizations strategic objectives human capitalknowledge education training skills expertise of an organizations workforce HRM ResponsibilitiesOperational Responsibilities administrative category where HR professionals hiremaintain employeesthen manage employee separationsThese services include outsourcing analyzing jobsplanning future workforce requirementsselecting employeesorienting and training employeesmanaging compensation and reward planscommunicating with employees including counselling and discipliningStrategic ResponsibilitiesHR is focused on ensuring that the organization is staffed with the most effective human capital to achieve its strategic goalsstrategythe companys plan for how it will balance its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantageenvironmental scanningidentifyinganalyzing external opportunitiesthreats that may be crucial to the organizations success increasingly the HR department is being viewed as an equal partner in strategic planning processHR specialists are expected to be change agentswho lead the organizationsits employees through organizational change flattening the pyramid empowering employeesorganizing around teams are ways in which HRM can help an organization to respond quickly to its customers needscompetitors challenges Environmental Influences on HRMExternal Environmental Influenceseconomic conditions oemployment levelssupplydemand unemployment rates hiring firing downsizing oproductivity levelsratio of an organizations outputs goodsservices to its inputs ppl capital energy materialsMHR NOTESQUIZ CLASSES 14ogrowth of the service sector primaryagriculture fishing forestrymining secondarymanufacturingconstruction tertiary service sectorpublic admin personalbusiness services finance trade public utilities transportationcommunication labour market issues workforce issues Canadas workforce is among the most diverse in the worldincreasing workforce diversity visible and ethnic minorities women aboriginal population persons with disabilitiesgenerational differencesTraditionalistssilent generation individuals born before 1946 Baby Boomers btwn 19461964Sandwich Generation individuals w responsibility for raisingyoung dependants as well as for assisting elderly relatives who are no longer capable of functioning totally independentlyGeneration X Generation Y btwn 19651980 demographic issuesshortages of workers since many are retiring education contingentnonstandard workersworkers who dont have regular FT employment status poorly paid offers littleno job security non standardcontingent workersworkers who do not have regular fulltime employment status Government oensure policies and practices comply with new and changing laws covering human rightsemployment standardslabour relationsoccupational health and safetyworkers compensationTechnology ofrom Twitter to Facebook to videoconferencing a wide range of technology is available to organizations todayoquestions are raised concerning data control accuracy right to privacy and ethicsofirms are monitoring employee email voice mail telephone conversations computer usage and behaviour using video surveillanceGlobalization emergence of a single global market for most products services ofirms extend business operations abroad
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