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mhr523 - mid term review

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

 6 HRM Responsibilities: Operational o Job Analysis o HR Planning o Selecting Employees o Training Employees o Managing Compensation o Communicating with Employees  5 External Environmental Influences on HR*: Globalization : emergence of a single global market for most products / services Legislation (Government) Economic conditions Workforce (Labour Market) Issues (Diversity) Technology • Organizational Culture: Core values, beliefs and assumptions that are widely shared by members of an organization (p. 15) • Organizational Climate: prevailing atmosphere that exists and impacts employees. • Management Policies and Practices: HR policies, organizational structure, job design, leadership style and empowerment, motivation, communication, team dynamics • Job Analysis and Description: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) required to perform a job (also called Job Specifications) 1. A labour surplus exists when the internal supply of employees exceeds the organization’s demand- Possible Responses To Employee Surplus?: 2. A labour shortage exists when the internal supply of human resources cannot meet the organization’s needs Intentional Discrimination • direct • differential/unequal treatment • indirectly • based on association i.e. Not being hired for a job due to one’s race or gender Systemic (Unintentional) Discrimination • apparently neutral policies have adverse impact on protected groups i.e. Minimum height requirement • Human rights legislation mandates employers must accommodate to point of ‘undue hardship’ Bona Fide Occupational Requirement – Justifiable reason for discrimination • Harassment is unwelcome behaviour that
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