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Industrial Engineering
IND 300
Michele Bristow

Table of ContentsChapter 1 1The term describes the composition of a workforce in terms of a workforce in terms of idfference among people on gender age race ethnicity religion sexual orientation and ablebodiedness2the holding of negative irrational opinions attitude regarding of diverse population which sets the stage for diversity bias is known as Prejudice3A subtle form of discrimination is called thean invisible barrier that prevents women and minorities from rising above a certain level of organizational responsibilityGlass ceiling4A collection of people working together to achieve a common purpose is called anOrganization5An input measure of the resource costs associated with goal accomplishment is known asPerformance efficiency6Businesses striving to create new products and production method that have lower environmental impacts than the available alternatives are said to pursuingSustainable innovation7Helping ones firm or organizations do different things or the same things in different ways from ones major competitors is known asStrategic positioningit is the action of helping8Clinic directors in hospital deans in universities and division managers plant managers and regional sales managers in business are examples ofMiddle managers9Managers who use special technical expertise to advise and support the efforts of line workders are known asStaff managers10The process of management involves all of the following regarding the use of resources to accomplish performance goals exceptEmpowering11The process of measuring work performance comparing results to objectives and taking corrective action as needed is known asControlling12The process of assigning tasks allocating resources and coordinating activities of individuals and groups t implement plans is known asOrganization13a capacity to attract support and help from others in order to get things done is known as having Social capital14Management skill that involves the capacity to break problems into smaller parts to see the relations between the parts and to recognize the implications of any one problem for other is known asConceptual skill15A manager with a high degree of selfawareness and a capacity to understand or empathize with feeling of others is said to haveEmotional
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