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Industrial Engineering
IND 303
Donald Tham

Ch 2 Problem Solving Tools1With a brief explanation of each problemsolving tool identify tools that you would use towards selecting a project for a methods engineering program to be appliedExploratory tools used for selecting a project arePareto Analysis Items of interest are identified and measured on a common scale and then are ordered in ascending order creating a cumulative distribution typically 20 percent of the ranked items account for 80 percent or more of the total activity leading to the alternative term 8020 ruleFish Diagrams A causeeffect method of defining an occurrence of a typically undesirable event or problem that is the effect as the fish head and then identifying contributing factors that is the causes as fish bones attached to a backbone and the fish headGantt Chart A series of graphs consisting of horizontal lines or bars in positions and lengths that show schedules or quotas and progress plotted on a common time scalePERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique Charting A planning and control method that graphically portrays the optimum way to attain some predetermined objective generally in terms of timeJobWorksite Analysis Guide Analysis tool identifying potential problems within a particular job area or worksite2Identify and briefly explain the recording and analysis tools used by IEsRecording and analysis tools used to record the present method areOperation Process Chart A graphic representation of an operation chronologically showing all methods inspections time allowances and materials used in a manufacturing process Two symbols
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