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Industrial Engineering
IND 303
Donald Tham

Ch 3 Operation Analysis1Identify and briefly explain the nine primary operation analysis approaches1Purpose of Operation to try to eliminate or combine an operation before trying to improve it2Part Design review the design for possible improvements byaReducing the number of parts by simplifying the designbReducing the number of operations and the length of travel in manufacturing by joining the parts better and by making the machining and assembly easiercUtilizing a better materialdLiberalizing tolerances and rely on key operations for accuracy rather than on series of closely held limitseDesigning for manufacturability and assemblyWill help in reducing muda in inappropriate processing unnecessary transportation and excess inventory3Tolerances and Specifications involves combining engineering and statistical methods to achieve improvements in cost and quality by optimizing product design and manufacturing methods This step corresponds to reducing the muda of inappropriate processingThis approach also addresses the muda of defective products by considering the ideal inspection procedure to reduce costs of inspection minimize scrap diminish repair costs and keep quality high4Material consider the following possibilities for the direct and indirect materials utilized in a processaFinding a less expensive and lighter materialbFinding materials that are easier to processcUsing materials more economicaldUsing salvage materialseUsing supplies and tools more economicallyfStandardizing materialsgFinding the best vendor from the standpoint of price and vendor stocking5Manufacture Sequence and Process address the muda of inappropriate processing in the manufacturing process by consideringaRearranging or combining the operations however must consider possible detrimental effects on subsequent operations down the linebMechanizing manual operations to reduce workinprocess inventory less parts damage due to handling less scrap reduced floor space and reduced production throughput timecUtilizing more efficient mechanical facilitiesdOperating mechanical facilities more efficiently Design for two at a time use multiple cavitieseManufacturing near the net shape to maximize material use reduce scrap minimize secondary processing and permit manufacturing with more environmentally friendly materialsfUsing robots for flexibility in tasks consistently repeatable quality with predictable product output safety advantages and minimal downtime6Setup and Tools The amount of tooling up that proves most economically advantageous depends on 1 the production quantity 2 repeat business 3 labour 4 delivery requirements and 5 required capitalaReduce or in JIT try to eliminate Setup TimeiWork that can be done while the equipment is running should be done at that timeiiUse the most efficient clamping Usually quickacting clamps that employ cam action levers wedges and so on are much faster provide adequate force and are usually a good alternative to threaded fastenersiiiEliminate machine base adjustment Redesigning part fixtures and using preset tooling may eliminate the need for spacers or guideblock adjustments to the table position
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