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Ryerson University
Industrial Engineering
IND 303
Donald Tham

Ch 5 Workplace Equipment and Tool Design1What is meant by the terms ergonomics anthropometryErgonomics Designing workplace tools equipmentworkplace to fit the human operatorAnthropometrythe science that deals with measuring the physical size of the human2Enumerate and briefly explain the Principles of Work Design with reference to the Workplace1Determine work surface height by elbow height2Adjust the work surface height based on the task being performed3Provide a comfortable chair for the seated operator4Provide adjustability in the seat5Encourage postural flexibility6Provide antifatigue mats for a standing operator7Locate all tools and materials within the normal working area8Fix locations for all tools and materials to permit the best sequence9Use gravity bins and drop delivery to reduce reach and move times10Arrange tools controls and other components optimally to minimize motions3Enumerate and briefly explain the Principles of Work Design with reference to Machines and Equipment1Take multiple cuts whenever possible by combining two or more tools in one or by arranging simultaneous cuts from both feeding devices2Use a fixture instead of the hand as a holding device3Locate all control devices for b
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