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Industrial Engineering
IND 303
Donald Tham

Ch 9 Time Study1How is a fair days pay determined by wage rate agreementsWhat benchmark for standard pace is given under these agreementsA fair days work can be defined as the amount of work that can be produced by a qualified employee when working at a standard pace and effectively utilizing her or his time where work is not restricted by process limitationsStandard pace can be defined as the effective rate of performance of a conscientious selfpaced qualified employee when working neither fast nor slow and giving due consideration to the physical mental or visual requirements of the specific jobTime study determines a fair days work2What are the effects of poor time standardsPoor time standards lead to higher costs higher inventory labour dissensions makes the operator lose confidence and possibly even the failure of the enterprisepaying too much or too little for workemployee frustrationeffective but not efficientgrievances that could cost millions of dollars and waste timepoor management and leads to bad employee relationsproduction will be affectedscheduling will be affectedincentives may be implemented that pay too much or too little3What considerations should be given to the choice of the operator to be time studiedConsiderations given to the choice of the operator to be
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