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Ryerson University
Industrial Engineering
IND 303
Donald Tham

Ch 11 Allowances1What main areas allowances intended to covertotal cycle timemachine time onlymanual time only2What are the two methods used in developing standard allowance dataBriefly explain the application of each techniqueDirect observationrequires observers to study two or three operations over a long timeduration and reason for idle time are recorded findings are then summarized to determine the percent allowance for each applicable characteristicbeneficial when the process takes place in an area where lengthy studies can take place ie plantWork Sampling Studiestaking a large number of random observations requires only parttime intermittent services of the observerno stopwatch used observers walk through area at random times and take notesbeneficial when the process takes place in an area that cant be frequntly visisted ie onsite of some far way location 3Why are allowances based on a percentage of the productive time They must be prop
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