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Ryerson University
Industrial Engineering
IND 303
Donald Tham

Ch 14 Work Sampling1In what areas is work sampling applicable It is applicable in various situations and it determines machine personal utilization applicable for allowances and production standards2What advantages are claimed for the work sampling procedureit does not require continuous observation by an analyst over a long timeclerical time is diminishedthe total workhours expended by the analyst are usually much fewerthe operator is not subjected to long period stop watch observationscrew operations can be readily studied by a single analyst3The work measurement analyst in the Dorben Company is planning to establish standards for indirect labour using the work sampling techniqueThis study will provide the following information Ttotal operator time represented by the study960 hNtotal number of observations involved in the study1700ntotal observations of the element under study1225Punits of production for the period under study1852Raverage performance rating factor during the study 085Derive t
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