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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 1 Why it mattersInformation Systems are very important in our daily life o Blackberry Twitter FacebookOrganizations that ignore the impact of technology and Information Systems have a high change at risk The adoption of the internet within a decadeRadio to television took many decadesIndividuals and organizations must keep up with technologyMoores Lawstates that computing power as the number of transistors in an integrated circuit roughly doubles every 18 monthso It illustrates the rate of change in technology capability over time and the resulting effect on costo Moores law means more performance for lower cost o More transistors into smaller space o Processing power measured in millions of instructions per second MIPS has risen because of increased transistor counto Technology will improve 1 percent per weeks and approx 1115per quarterInformation Technologyis a key enabler to all organizations and impacts all organizations and it impacts all business disciplines It is hardware software and communication Allow individuals and organizations to accomplish goalsWithout people clear goals and process IT itself is irrelevantKnowledge WorkThis involves the discovery analysis transformation synthesis and communication of data information and knowledge What is information system Information Systemis an organized collection of people information business process and IT designed to transform inputs into outputs in order to achieve goalsThey enhance work decision makings problem solving communication and coordinatingIPO Model Input Data Knowledge Information and decisions Process People business process Information Technology Output Business Value As this inputprocessoutput IPO model shows a business should design its information system to leverage the human ability to use information technology to its best advantage By doing this the output is more than the sum of its parts data information knowledge decisionsit is the creation of business value Information System Components Inputentering information into a system Example Enter your friends contact information ProcessA series of one or more steps by a business to transform input into output Example Save to contact to database Outputthe end result of the process Example An alphabetical order of the list of friends and their contact informationDataRaw and unorganized data Example list of friends who may be interested in a spring trip InformationProcess organized transformed data that is useful Example List of confirmed friends and potential locations KnowledgeInformation plus human experience and judgement Example If enough agree the group will get a discount on the trip Information Technologythe physical concepttypically hardware software is a key enabler to all organizations and impacts all organizations Example Making a website Business Processescollection of steps that interact with each other to transform inputs into outputs to achieve a goal Example A function which allows ur friend to ranks the preferred locations Peoplepeople or organizations that have both an interest in and an influence on the creation implementation or operation of an IS Example your friends add comments about what location they like Decisiona choice made from one or more alternatives to follow or avoid some course of action Example The numbers of votes are received and the location is chosen Business ValueA positive return on the investment of resources created through the effective and efficient integration of an organizations people information information technology and business processesInformation Systems Vs Information Technology Information Systemis an organized collection of people information business process and IT designed to transform inputs into outputs in order to achieve goalsInformation Technologyis simply a collection of tools hardware software connectivity that individuals or businesses to achieve their goalsThe Productivity ZoneOccurs at the intersection of people process and technologyIS system integrates all three of these components to create business value Business can achieve superior productivity and enhance their competitive advantage businesses this can mean increased efficiency and greater profits For government this could mean better services delivered at a lower costFor notforprofits this could mean enhanced online donor and event management systems The Internet Internetan integral part of personal and business lives for communication informations and commerce Communicationpossible for professionals the share information both between themselves and other business partnersProviding newsgroups chat rooms bulletin boards text messaging using mobile phones as well as email and instant messagingWorld Wide Webhas dramatically reduced the effects required to carry out both activities and it is very easy to publish somethingWeb makes it easy to publish information in a variety of waysthe Internet and Web have been called the greatest advances in publishingInformation overloaddifficult for a person to understand and make decisions due too much informationsCommercebuying and selling of goods and service for the internet ECommenceuse of IS technology and computer network by individuals and organizations to create business valueBusiness Organizations and the Business EnvironmentBusinessany organization with one or more people who 1 Decide on common goals to pursue2 Work together to locate and organize resources3 Create processes to achieve the desired goalsA businesss primary goal is to generate economic value make a profit over a sustained period of time For example when you order coffee at Tim Hortons this generates value for the company Business environmentis a complex collection of political economic social and technological factors that organizational leaders must consider when making decisions regarding goals organizational forms and the creation of business value Types of IS Found in BusinessTPS transaction processing system Captures and processes transactions to make them available to the organization A transaction is the exchange of something of value the business produces for something in return that the business values eg revenue from product salesMIS management information system Through processing and reporting features an MIS provides timely information to decision makersDSS decision support system Provides analytical and visualization tools to support and enhance decision making and planning
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