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Midterm notes

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 1 Moores Law lower cost, higher performance Improve 1 % per week Mr Moore = pres of intel Information technology (IT) enabler and impacts disciplines Knowledge work analysis, comm. of data Tech evolve = increase base computing power Business val - +ve return on investment of resources from effective & effienct integration using comm. Information systems (IS) transform inputs to outputs Ppl influence creation & operation of IS Process steps transform inputs to outputs Info tech Ex: Ryerson (blackboard), OUAC Transaction processing system (TPS) processes transactions make avail to org o Business val = track transactions to support decision making Management information system (MIS) timely info to decision makers through processing & reporting o Business val = monitor critical process & avoid mistake Decision support system (DSS) analytical & visualization tools support decision making o Business val = decisions from data, find new business opp Enterprise resource planning (ERP) standardizes processes o Business val = reduce costs, reduce decision making mistakes Customer relationship management (CRM) analysis of customer transaction data (purchases) o Business val = understand customer behav & needs (purchases), makes timely & proactive management Input transform item to outputs Output end result Data unorganzed facts Info useful organized data Knowledge info + human exp & judement IT physical comp = hardware, software, connectivity Enable achieve goals Decision alt to follow/ avoid action E-commerce use IT to create business val Globalization IT expand market globally to find lowest cost suppliers Productivity zone ppl, process,tech Information and communications technology (ICT) contributer to economies Canada = divided to several industries Internet comm., info WWW reduce effort to carry out activities, jump pg to pg Info overload absence of quality control Chapter 2 Business strategy task coordinated to deliver end result product/ service Ex: Tim Hortons vs. Starbucks effient vs. Lounge Ex: Canadian tire vs. Walmart family vs. Cheap price Stategy how going to compete, goal, plans Michael Porter Stakeholders interest in enterprise o Influence business o Can be external/ internal Open systems model - transforming inputs to outputs & interacting w/ environment. Applying IT to create business val RFID = radio freq identification replaces UPC code, transmits signal =more accurate Org boundary open to public receive input/ output take steps to remain competitive by responding to opp/ threats Org structure info, resp, authority Functional and decentralized structures line of authority & comm. vertically orientated Matrix structure blends functional and decentralized structures Product focused Flexibility to business needs & envir changes Decision making lower in org, closer to customer Decentralized flexibility , greater comm. Functional - efficient use of resources Business process transform inputs to outputs (goods and services) Manufacturing = product, other = service IGOE understand process (I) inputs, (G) guides, (O) outputs, (E) enablers Inputs resources o Capital money need to operate o Data, info, knowledge data, info, knowledge relevant to goal o Raw materials ingredients relevant to goal Outputs results Guides rules Enablers input facilitates process Labour ppl hired to carry out processes Technology hardware, software Feedback measurement returned to control future input, process, output o Monitor efficiency & effectiveness Business process reengineering (BPR) making more efficient Goal = reduce cost, increase speed, increase quality & service Contin improvement improving results Competitive adv insight + speed of execution + cost Automating employees concentrate on task that add high val
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