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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

How many blackberry users today in world? – 25 million Moore’s law – computing power • More performance, decreasing costs Mr. Moore – pres of intel More capapilty for less Every couple years tech becomes obsolete Made computing highly affordable/ reliable business needs to update, more speed, more powerful Every week 1% better/ efficient comp/ software Information system (p 9-11) – ex: shopping online (ebay), blackboard (Ryerson), Ramms, facebook, OUAC ryerson portal package in mail/ email msg Prof gives info People Process Information and technology 1 pg assignment about Wat is the internet? • Series of comp with protocol/ rules link them (tcip) and communicate with • Used to prevent • Public in 1993 Wat is the world wide web • App/ software/ rules allows to jump from pg to pg www.notesolution.com • How many indexable pgs on .. • Chapt 1, 2 What is e-commerce? When I check out my
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