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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Businesses exist to create value for stakeholders Impact of e-commerce on business Music Tech changed our habits News in electronic from How broadcasters creat val Engaging customers = create val Val not in newspaper anymore bc not a lot of ppl will see it What is eCommerce and why do I care? Purchasing online shipping, costs, installing o Complexity Develop a business appropriate for customers o Provide customers what they want o Have the right kind of connection and envir t make right kind of on going val Websites o Inplace to creat long term val to contin buy invest in brand Diff b ecommerce and ebusiness? Adv to register online for uni eBuisness B2C business to consumer s want you to buy hot tub C2C - Online tech to take msg to other concum ersBay,Craigslist B2B 23 of online activity, Ryerson negotiate land, vendor 2 supplier B2G business to government C2C amazon B2C C2C Google www.notesolution.com
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