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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 4 ICT ex: Blockbuster going out of business bc of Netflix Value Chain- sells something putting val into raw material o Connected series of activities adds val to firms o transaction - exchange of goods or services (value) between two or more parties o Primary activities - production and distribution of the org products services create business value for the org and customers (obtaining raw materials, creating the new product) o Support activites organization conducts to support the creation of business value Firm infrastructure (which we will call administration) Technology development Human resource (HR) management hire, fire procurement around money (finance and accounting) o Inbound logistics include activities such a raw material procurement and warehousing o Operations activities required to create a product service and make it available to marketplace o Outbound logistics involve warehousing and distribution of finished goods o Marketing and sales investigates what customers need and products services to meet their needs o Customer relationship management (CRM) provides the tools to service customers better o Administration and finance systems are aimed at automating and optimizing administrative processes to reduce costs and ensure efficiency o Human resources is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and compensation o Technology development supports the value-creating activities of the organization such as Intranet www.notesolution.com
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