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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

1. Define “globalization” and provide at least one example of a Canadian company to illustrate your definition. Describe Infosys and identify at least 3 aspects of the company’s global growth strategy. Compare the Canadian company you identified above to Infosys – what are the similarities and differences? Globalization means that modern businesses use information technology to expand their market to customers around the globe, to find the lowest-cost sup- pliers regardless of location, and even to create 24-hour business days by shuttling work across time zones and nations and an example of a Canadian company is Research in Motion. Infosys was established in 1981 and it is a NASDAQ listed global consulting and IT services company. The company focused on different corporate strategies that could define Infosys’s future and global identity: • Compete globally for end to end services, including high – end consulting, by leveraging the current Global Delivery Model (GDM), which included consulting in IT services • Outsourcing Information Technology (IT) was a major trend for multinational companies that were globalizing their business activities in multi location operations. • Cost and Human Resources Management 2. Define and describe “ERP” and “CRM”, providing examples of each. How do enterprise systems lead to enhanced business value? How has the UHN, through its adoption of MOE MAR achieved greater value? What were the barriers to acceptance of the UHN ERP? What are some of the risks of an ERP implementation? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates the departments and functions across an organization. ERP streamlines business processes and can support all areas of the supply chain. All applications run from a single integrated database allow different departments to more easily share information and communicate with each other. Customer relationship management (CRM) provides the tools to service customers better and an important strategy that many companies are using is to connect their online Web strategy to their existing customer relationships management (CRM) to create an integrated one to one marketing experience for their customers. The web generates a huge www.notesolution.com amount of data on customer buying habits and preferences that can be stored and instantly recalled and applied with each new visit. MOE-MAR achieved greater value by helping the hospitals and the doctors do their jobs faster by providing them with technology that would have the record of the patient as well as their allergies and such to help them faster the process with the prescription. There were some barriers to having to accept UHN ERP due to the confusion and learning the software; doctors and nurses complained about how the process would be a lot slower because it would take longer for them to write and find the medications and forward it to the pharmacy and there were possibilities of the physicians forwarding the wrong prescription. ERP failures can be costly in many ways – financial, management effort, lost opportunity and public embarrassment. 3. How can Green IT reduce the environmental impact of individuals, businesses and institutions, and society? What are the different levels of Green IT strategy? Why is Green IT an important topic for ITM and for IT professionals? Environmentally sustainable ICT in the design production operation and disposal of ICT and ICT related products and services in a manner that is not harmful and may be positively beneficial to the environment during the course of its whole life. The manner in which IT is employed to help reduce GHG, to introduce energy efficiency or to reduce energy consumption. The systematic application of criteria related to environmental sustainability to the design production sourcing use and disposal of IT within an organization. Information and
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