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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Catherine Middleton

Exam Name TRUEFALSEWrite T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false1Internet advertising is growing at a rate of more than 25 percent a year1Answer TrueFalse2Netbooks are emerging as a growing presence in the PC marketplace often using opensource 2software Answer TrueFalse3Cloud computing platform is a flexible collection of computers on the Internet designed to 3perform tasks traditionally performed on corporate computersAnswer TrueFalse4Digital firms sense and respond to their environments far more rapidly than traditional firms 4giving them more flexibility to survive in turbulent timesAnswer TrueFalse5Information technology IT can be defined technically as a set of interrelated components that 5collect process store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organizationAnswer TrueFalse6Private intranets extended to authorized users outside the organization are called intranets6Answer TrueFalse7The World Wide Web is the exact same thing as the Internet7Answer TrueFalse8As managers most students will work for firms that are intensively using information systems 8and making large investments in information technologyAnswer TrueFalse9Cell phones BlackBerrys iPhones email and online conferencing over the Internet have not yet 9become essential tools of business Answer TrueFalse10Supply chains have become more fast paced with companies of all sizes depending on 10justintime inventory to reduce their overhead costs and get to market fasterAnswer TrueFalse11New industries appear old ones decline and successful firms are those that learn how to use the 11new technologies Answer TrueFalse12Less powerful data analytics and interactive dashboards provide realtime performance 12information to managers to enhance management control and decision makingAnswer TrueFalse13Managers adopt millions of mobile tools such as smartphones and mobile Internet devices to 13accelerate decision making and improve performanceAnswer TrueFalse14Web 20 applications are not widely adopted by firms14Answer TrueFalse15In 2005 journalist Thomas Friedman wrote an influential book declaring the world was now 15flat by which he meant that the Internet and global communications had greatly increased the economic and cultural advantages of developed countries Answer TrueFalse16In the past decade Canada gained many manufacturing jobs from offshore lowwage 16producersAnswer TrueFalse17The emergence of the Internet into a fullblown international communications system has 17drastically increased the costs of operating and transacting on a global scale Answer TrueFalse18The critical feature of videoconferencing is the digital compression of audio and video streams 18by a device called a codec Answer TrueFalse19The topoftheline videoconferencing technology is known as telepresence19Answer TrueFalse20Middle management makes longrange strategic decisions about products and services and 20ensures the financial performance of the firm Answer TrueFalse21Production or service workers actually produce the product and deliver the service 21Answer TrueFalse22Business organizations are hierarchies consisting of three principal levels senior management 22middle management and operational management Answer TrueFalse23Developing a new product fulfilling an order or hiring a new employee are examples of 23business processesAnswer TrueFalse24Recent research on business information technology investment indicates that firms that support 24their technology investments with investments in complementary assetsAnswer TrueFalse25The value of investments in information technology depends to a large extent on complementary 25investments in management and organizationAnswer TrueFalse26The study of information systems is a single disciplinary field 26Answer TrueFalse27Issues such as strategic business integration design implementation utilization and manageme
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